Abhishek Chandra

Assistant Professor

Abhishek has received a NIFTEM Fully-Funded 5-Year PhD. Research Fellowship- 2015

Dr. Ansab Akhtar

Assistant Professor

Peer-reviewed as a reviewer for the International peer-reviewed journals ‘3Biotech, Molecular Neurobiology, Bioengineered, Brain Sciences, Journal of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology and many more.

Gunjan Vasant Bonde

School of Health Sciences

Pharmaceutical Product Development and optimization Novel Drug Delivery Systems Rate controlled and targeted approach for cancer chemotherapy Enhancement of drug solubility Pharmacokinetics

Dr. Dipak Maity

Associate Professor

He has completed PhD. from NUS, Singapore and DST-sponsored Nanomission project. He has 20 yrs of research expertise in Nanoparticles, Nanomedicine and Cancer Theranostics.

Mr. Deepanmol Singh

School of Health Science

Pharmaceutical Analyst

Deepika Sharma

Assistant Professor

Successfully completed the ICMR project on “Synthesis, characterization, and antibacterial evaluation of peptides and their poly-N-substituted glycine congeners” funded by ICMR Delhi (Role: Research

Dr. Dhruv Kumar

Senior Associate Professor

Ph.D. Degree awarded in 2012 by the University of Bologna, Italy under highly prestigious fellowship of Ministry of Higher Education from Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

Dr. Divya Rawat

School of Health Sciences

Food and Nutrition

Jeevan Patra

School of Health Sciences

Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Jyoti Upadhyay

Assistant Professor

She is 1 Rank Holder in M. Pharm (Clinical Pharmacy) from Uttarakhand Technical University

Dr. Kamesh Rajendra Babu

Assistant Professor-Senior Scale, Department of Allied Health Sciences

Dr. Kamesh Rajendra Babu received the Travel award from European Iron Club Meeting 2016, Innsbruck, Austria

Dr. Kamil Reza Khondakar

Assistant Professor - Department of Pharmaceutical Science

Dr. Kamil has more than 9 years of research experience

Dr. Koushik Das

Assistant Professor

He is currently investigating a project funded by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development.

Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Roy

Associate Professor

He completed his Postdoctoral studies in United States & Seoul (South Korea)

Dr. Monika

Assistant Professor

Dr. Monika is a recipient of DST-Inspire Fellowship (IF-150722) 2014, DST-Inspire Program under the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, India.

Dr Nishu Goyal Bansal

Assistant Professor

Biofuels and Bioenergy, Metabolic network modeling and optimization of cellular network, Metagenomics, Non-Invasive drug delivery using nano/microparticles, Soil remediation, Wastewater treatment.

Dr. Piyush Kumar

Assistant Professor (Selection Grade), School of Health Sciences

Dr. Piyush received a Full Travel grant for IC-IMPACTS-2015 held at the University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Raj Kumar Tiwari

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

He is doing projects with Oil India Limited on the Exploration of Himalayan hot-springs for microbes with biohydrogen production capabilities in the area of Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradun cities.

Dr. Rajendra Awasthi

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

Dr. Rajendra featured in the top percentile rank of 2% scientists globally in the list released by Stanford University California, and Elsevier BV Netherlands in October 2021.

Dr. Ravinder Kaushik

Assistant Professor Selection Grade

He has received the Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding research work in the field of Dairy Processing for Academic session 2012-2013 by NDRI, Karnal.

Dr. Rohini Verma

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rohini was selected and invited to present research work at The second Russian GxP summit in Sochi, Russia in June 2018.

Sandip K Nandi

School of Health Science

He has been awarded the Best Poster at the School of Pharmacy Research Retreat, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA.

Shikha Saxena

Assistant Professor (Selection grade)

She had conferred the DAAD fellowship, University of Bielefeld, Germany in 2016

Shraddha Manish Gupta

Assistant Professor

Shraddha is a recipient of excellence as “Women Researcher Award” at International Research Awards on Science, Health and Engineering SHEN 2021 Awards

Dr. Shubham Dwivedi

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Science

Neurological disorders, Nerve-Cancer interaction, Autism, Pharmacological screening and Model development.

Dr. Shuchi Upadhyay

Assistant Professor-Selection Grade

With over 10 years experience, she has published 34 papers in journals.

Smriti Arora

Assistant Professor

At the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, she was involved in developing an Antigen microarray.

Dr. Snigdha Mishra

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mishra was a presenter at Annual Drosophila Research Conference, USA

Dr. Tapan Behl

Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences

Dr. Tapan received “5th National Health Award” by Nutrition and Natural Health Science Association in 2018 at India International Centre, Delhi

Dr. Utsab Debnath

School of Health Science

He was awarded “National Postdoctoral Fellowship” under the “Young Scientist Scheme” of Science and Engineering Research Board