Faculty Department

Rohit Dutta Roy

Assistant Professor

Rohit Dutta Roy is a historian of ‘modern’ South Asia. He is currently preparing his PhD thesis for final submission to the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge. He has taught undergraduate courses on historical arguments and practice, migration, concepts of time, and World History Since 1914, for the Faculty of History, Jesus College, and Pembroke College, Cambridge. Rohit has received scholarships, awards, and grants, from the Cambridge International Trust, Prince Consort Fund, Dr. Lightfoot’s Prize Fund, Holland Rose Fund, Indian Council of Historical Research, Indian Council of Social Science Research, etc. Before embarking on his doctoral project at Cambridge, Rohit completed a first-class MPhil in History from Jawaharlal Nehru University, a first-class MA in History from the University of Delhi, and first-class BA and MA degrees in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. His work focuses on the everyday ‘political’, and how it informs intellectual exchanges, electoral formulations, identity formation and governmentality. As a journalist and creative nonfiction writer, Rohit also writes on South Asian politics and policies, human mobility, refugees and immigration, foreign policy, secularization and welfarism.