UPES runs a CSR policy called EDUDHURMA which stands for Education for Developing Humans for Righteousness and Mindful Actions.

Under this initiative, UPES has impacted the lives of over a hundred families, students from underprivileged backgrounds, government teachers as well as local schools in Dehradun.

There are four projects under EDUDHURMA: Protsaahan, Utkarsh, Dronasthali and Utthan.

UPES launched Protsaahan in 2018 to help the underprivileged meritorious students of Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS) Learning Academy, Dehradun, pursue higher education at UPES.

Project Utkarsh aims to achieve overall progress of the society through holistic education to the neediest segment of the society.

Dronasthali supports the professional development of government schoolteachers while Utthan promotes the application of knowledge in the local community, to harness the scarce resources to their optimum level, raising the bar of development and to light up self-confidence of individuals.