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Social Internship

UPES has launched Srijan Social internships as part of School for life. Under this all first year students will be required to go through 6-8 weeks long work internships with social sector organizations. Srijan social internships are full time engagement with social sector organization. The idea of these internships is to make students aware of the social issues in India. Through these internships students will come face to face with social development challenges that India is facing. This exposure will help students build empathy and develop valuable leadership skills. After these internships some students might start working on social issues while at campus or become social entrepreneurs, social sector professionals or join social sector wings of companies and government. These internships will give student a context because of which overall class room engagement and discussion will also improve.

The Srijan Model

Training and preparation

Srijan model has three intern linked components. One, the pre internships course, second the actual internship and the third is the post internship During pre-internship preparation students will be required a do a 10 hr. course on social issues. This course will cover social issues such as health, education, poverty alleviation to name a few. Through this course the students will build some basic understanding of development challenges that India is facing. This understanding will be very essential when they go for internships in their respective social organizations. Other pre internships preparation involve spring board sessions which will help students understand work environment of social sector organizations, dos and don’ts, how to make best use of internships to name a few. Regular town halls and podcasts will be organized to clear any doubts that students might have about social internships During the actual internships students will be working on work assignments given by the non-profit and also doing some UPES guided activities to strengthen their understanding. After the internship is over students will come back to the campus and share their learning peers, seniors, faculty and staff through variety of means.