• Access to world class E-library
  • Cutting-edge online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Emergency health services
  • Online feedback and grievance redressal system for Students


Medical supports which are beyond the infirmary are facilitated through a high tech medical ambulance which is present with emergency management facilities.

Medical Insurance service is provided to the students by Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd. Stationed in Rajpur Road, Dehradun.

How to avail Medical Insurance:

“Medical Insurance Service is facilitated by Ms. Rashmi Lall, Sr. Manager - Students Welfare, 09818758010”


Crisis intervention and short term counseling services for students encountering psychological problems that could interfere with their academic progress, such as personal, emotional, relationships, sexuality, substance abuse, etc. are addressed by our Psycho educational programs conducted by our experienced clinical psychologists.Extended help is also offered to students and employees' families.


Baker Hughes

Mr. Aryab Majumdar

GSE 3rd Year

Selected in Baker Hughes, for 3 Month Summer Internship, offered stipend of 6 Lakhs, location at Texas USA.

Indian Academy of Sciences

Mr. Adityam Rai

GSE 3rd Year

Selected by Indian Academy of Sciences for his summer internship with the stipend of 15,000/Month for three month.


Ms. Akshaya Venkatakrishnan

(MSENT 4th Year)

Granted admission in Materials Science and Engineering (MS) program beginning the Fall 2017, at Arizona State University, Tempe, USA. U.S. News & World Report ranks ASU at No. 1 among the most innovative schools in America for the second year in a row.


The cultural and extra-curricular activities at the university are managed by the DSW. DSW organizes various sporting events at regular intervals. The University has adequate sports infrastructure and a multipurpose playfield for sports like football, hockey, cricket, handball, athletics and volleyball and basketball courts. The students also get a chance to participate in inter-state and national level games besides participating in activities and games being held within the campus.

Cultural Activities at UPES

The University focuses on the all-around personality development of students. Cultural activities are an integral part of personality development. UPES under the aegis of the Dean Student Welfare Office every year organizes a fresher's party and the Annual Cultural Festival – Uurja, which gives a platform for students to showcase their talents.

Uurja – The Annual Festival

The Annual Cultural Festival – Uurja is celebrated for two days at UPES Campus. It is organized by Dean Student Welfare Office. The events are organized in Social, Cultural and Fun categories. Day one of the function is more oriented towards events related to Dance, Music and games with DJ in the evening whereas day two is more of theatre and fun events with the performance of a band in the evening. The function can only be organized till 2000 hours. No event/company promoting gambling in any nature, drug/alcohol or negligence on road can be a part of the function/ No sponsorship is to be taken from any private hostels for Uurja or any other event in the University.

Discipline to be maintained while enrolled with the university:

  • Students are expected to strictly adhere to the Acceptable IT usage policy and social media Policy found on the students portal (https://stu.upes.ac.in).
  • Damaging any IT equipment in classrooms or labs will result in a penalty.  
  • Unauthorized usage of commercial/free tools to subvert University systems will be dealt with in accordance with the penalties outlined in the Acceptable IT usage policy. 
  • Students are advised not to tamper with the computing devices issued to them – either in terms of hardware or software. Formatting the machine or uninstalling legal software constitutes a violation of the University IT Policy and will be handled accordingly.
  • The mind works better in peace and calm. Silence should be maintained.  
  • Bags/folders/bottles etc. are to be kept outside the Computer Centre (or labs).
  • No eatables are allowed in the Computer Centre (or labs). No hardware components can be replaced/swapped without permission. Doing so without permission will result in a penalty. If necessary, guidance from the Systems Administrator is always available.  
  • Internet usage should be in accordance with the Acceptable IT usage policy and Acceptable Downloads and Executable policy of the University. Both these documents are available at https://stu.upes.ac.in  
  • Entry of outsiders is strictly prohibited.
  • Tampering with files of others in the desktop/network will be seriously viewed.  
  • Systems should be shut down properly and switched off before leaving the Computer Centre.

“Ragging in any form inside or outside the University Campus and hostel premises (covers campus / private / P.G. / outside areas) is strictly prohibited. Ragging is a cognizable offence and means doing an act which causes or is likely to cause insult or annoyance or fear or apprehension or threat or intimidation or outrage of modesty or injury to a student.

Acts amounting to ragging could be  

  • Teasing, Embarrassing and Humiliating;  
  • Assaulting or using Criminal Force or Criminal intimidation;  
  • Wrongfully restraining or confining or causing hurt; Taking “introduction” is also an act amounting to ragging  
  • Causing grievous hurt, kidnapping or rape or committing an unnatural offence; and  
  • Causing death or abetting suicide
  • Violation of the status, dignity and honour of the fellow students including those belonging to a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Classes or Handicapped / Challenged or any kind of discriminatory behaviour on grounds of gender, race, colour, religion, region and caste, physical features/appearance etc;


UPES prescribes a dress code for all students. All students must abide by the dress code as given below:-

Smart Casuals


The aim is to raise awareness among students about “staying safe and keeping others safe”.

Major activities can broadly be categorized under following heads:

  • Road Traffic Safety Initiatives (RTSI)
  • Medical insurance support  
  • Substance abuse prevention  
  • Satisfactory functioning of facilities

UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES REGULATIONS GOVERNING GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL MECHANISM FOR STUDENTS, 2010 In exercise of the provision under Article 3.3.7(xvi) of the First Statutes of the University


THE UPES is committed to provide safe working and academic environment to all girl students and its women employees. Salient aspects of the UPES rules and regulations covering prevention of sexual harassment against women are covered extensively in the below PDF document.


Extensive road safety awareness programs for the students are put in place to make them aware.  

Awareness is spread through various activities such as:

  • Lectures/ Talk by the subject expert
  • Poster Painting Competitions
  • Debate
  • Quiz
  • Videos and documentary films.
  • Carry out checks related to road safety compliance

Counselling of defaulters and communicating with their parents. Initiating disciplinary action if required,  

Communication via SMS/ emails/ Facebook page; UPES Lives for wider dissemination.


Nodal Officer for Students Facilitation Services - OGRS ( Online grievance handling system)

Mr. Ashutosh Dora - Sr. Student Affairs Officer - 7906572813

Mr. Karan Singh - Dy Director, Student Affairs and Student Engagement and Experience - 9929161865

E mail ID – [email protected]