Ishika Punhani & Vinay K

Ishika Punhani & Vinay K - Achievement

Ishika & Vinay, students of B.Tech. CSE in specialization with Cyber Security & Forensics from the batch of 2020-24 involves securing a copyright for the "Intelligent Border Surveillance" Software by the Government of India. The software's objective is to develop an algorithm using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Multi-Agent Modelling for optimal border patrol strategies, employing grid systems and route layout algorithms.

This attainment signifies the recognition and protection of the "Intelligent Border Surveillance" Software under the Government of India's copyright. The software's mission is to create an advanced algorithm utilizing Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Multi-Agent Modelling to enhance the efficiency of border force patrol procedures. Grid systems are employed to partition the map, and route layout algorithms are implemented to optimize patrolling strategies. This achievement represents a significant step forward in strengthening border security and surveillance measures.


Saurabh Shanu

Saurabh Shanu

Assistant Professor-Selection Grade