UPES B.Tech CSE students with specialization in Cyber Security and Forensics won the second position in SCADA CTF; while the UPES Girls Team secured third position in WINJA CTF  at the International Conference Nullcon Goa 2020 held on 6th and 7th March, 2020 .

Nullcon is an extensive platform for the exchange of information about zero-day vulnerabilities, latest attack vectors, and other cyber threats. At the conference, security researchers and experts from various fields discuss information security, along with showcasing multiple offensive and defensive security technologies.



It was organized by the support from the C3i Center of IIT Kanpur. The SCADA CTF questions included the following categories: Communication Protocol of ICS network, Reverse Engineering ICS component, Web challenges, Crypto challenges and Stegano, among many others.


Team Detail:

  1. Rohil Chaudhry     B.Tech CSE + CSF 3RD Year
  2. Varun Gupta          B.Tech CSE + CSF 3RD Year
  3. Vibhu Bansal          B.Tech CSE + CSF 3RD Year



It consists of a set of hacking challenges related to "Web Security", which are to be solved by the women participants, who attempt to find the flag, using certain tools and network structures.


Team Detail:

  1. Kamakshi Vaidyawan   B.Tech CSE + CSF 3RD Year
  2. Pratibha                          B.Tech CSE + CSF 3RD Year