Manishankar - Achievement

Manishankar was honored with the Best Poster Presentation Award at the 3rd International Conference of Integrative Chemistry, Biology, and Translational Medicine (ICBTM2024) held at Pacific University, Udaipur, Rajasthan. His presentation on "Gallbladder Cancer and its Association with Heavy Metals and Pesticides" garnered recognition for its insightful research. He extends his heartfelt appreciation to his PhD guide, Prof. Dr. Dhruv Kumar, and acknowledges the invaluable support received from Prof. Ram Sharma, Prof. Padma Venkat, Dr. Kuldeep Roy, Dr. Arun Kumar, and Ashok Ghosh from MCS, Patna, as well as Prof. Maiko from the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Project Mentor

Dr Dhruv Kumar 

Dr Dhruv Kumar