Sahil Bhatia - Final year law student - Gold Medalist at IMSG

Sahil Bhatia, Final Year law student from the School of Law, UPES participated in the first ever International Mediation Competition Singapore (IMSG) and won a Gold Medal.

IMSG was the First-ever International moot organised in Singapore by Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) at the National University of Singapore which focuses on Mediation Advocacy and Mediation. The main aim of the Competition was to bring together Teams from around the world to celebrate a shared passion for Mediation and also to commemorate the Signing of the Mediation Convention on 07 August 2019.

The Competition was organised from 02 August - 04 August 2019 and 40 Teams from 17 different nations such as China, USA, Norway, and others participated in this Competition. The Competition was judged by Professional Mediators from around the world, where teams were awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze according to their performance in Mediation Advocacy and Mediator Segment. Sahil Bhatia bagged the gold for his performance as a Mediator.

For the Competition, teams were selected basis their CVs. However, Sahil got into the competition with the Cross-Team of RGNUL Patiala, after winning the 1st RGNUL Mediation Competition. The RGNUL Patiala team had a direct qualification for IMSG.

In the competition Shail learned about important aspects of mediation; how effectively disputes can be resolved by knowing the interests of both the parties. Moreover, as it was a cross-cultural competition, he got to interact with a lot of students, professional mediators and coaches from different nations.