Shivam Anand

Shivam Anand - Achievement

Shivam Anand, a student of B.Des. Transportation Mobility Design 2022 was honoured with the esteemed CII Design Excellence Award 2021 in the MOT-IoN category for his inventive mobility solution aimed at enhancing public transportation post-pandemic.

The recognition was earned for the conceptual design model of MOT-IoN Autonomous self-driven vehicles. MOT-IoN vehicles pioneer a live environment reaction system that humanizes the vehicle's behaviour, making it noticeable and reactive to pedestrians on the road. This innovation contributes to reducing contact between pedestrians and the vehicle by eliminating decision-making confusion, especially when crossing roads.

The interior design prioritizes human comfort and environmental sustainability, incorporating materials such as 80% ocean-reprocessed plastic, Casein, microfiber, and carbon fibre for strength and lightweight construction. Notable features include built-in amenities like regional temperature control, a wireless charging activation system, adjustable hand rests, and integrated medical emergency services.