Shreya Sachdeva

Shreya Sachdeva - Achievement

Shreya Sachdeva, a second-year B.Sc. Physics (Hons.) student, is delighted to share her acceptance into the "Summer School for Women in Physics 2024" hosted by ICTS-TIFR in Bangalore, running from June 3rd to June 14th, 2024. With heartfelt appreciation for the enduring support she's received, she eagerly anticipates engaging with the program's mission of inspiring women to pursue physics as a career. The curriculum promises hands-on experiments, sparking discussions that explore theoretical underpinnings. This approach fosters a dynamic exchange, unveiling the subject's excitement and interconnectedness, igniting curiosity and passion among participants.

Project Mentor

Dr. Vipin Gaur

Dr. Vipin Gaur

Associate Professor