Student Achievement

Syed Mohd Raza Taqvi - Achievement

Syed Raza was selected for the Semester Abroad program at  Berkeley Haas - University of California Berkeley Fall 2022.

Syed Mohd Raza Taqvi, an MBA student specializing in O&G from the School of Business at UPES, has achieved a significant milestone by being selected for the Semester Abroad opportunity at Berkely Haas, University California, Berkeley. This accomplishment not only highlights Syed's exceptional academic prowess but also demonstrates his ability to compete on a global level. His selection for the Semester Abroad program at Berkeley Haas provides him with an enriching experience and an international perspective of business. This achievement is a testament to Syed's outstanding performance, dedication, and commitment to his MBA specialization. It also showcases the School of Business at UPES's commitment to offering world-class education and providing global exposure to its students. Syed Mohd Raza Taqvi's success is truly inspiring and reinforces the institution's reputation for nurturing exceptional talent in the business domain, inspiring future aspirants to aim for similar accomplishments.