School of Computer Science

Tusitta Rai - Achievement

Tusitta Rai, a student of B.Tech CSE from batch of 2022-26 participated in the esteemed 65th National Shooting Championship Competitions, competing in 4 Pistol events with commendable dedication. These events included the NW-67 10M Pistol Women (ISSF) National Championship (Individual & Team), NW-68 10M Pistol Women (ISSF) Civilian Championship (Individual & Team), NW-69 10M Pistol Junior Women (ISSF) National Championship (Individual & Team), and NW-70 10M Pistol Junior Women (ISSF) Civilian Championship (Individual & Team).

Tusitta's journey into the realm of shooting commenced at a young age, fuelled by her inspiration from her father. Balancing such an intense sport with studies in the challenging field of Computer Science Engineering (CSE) necessitated impeccable time management and prioritization skills. In her perspective, "Striking a harmonious equilibrium between academic responsibilities and pursuing one's passion is paramount." This requires cultivating a consistent routine, adhering to disciplined schedules, and maintaining a resolute focus on both academics and her passion for shooting.