UPES Poland Mars Analogue Mission Certification

N.Adhithiyan and Rohan Chandra, two aerospace engineering students represented India at the Poland Mars Analogue Simulation (PMAS) 2017 organized by the Space Exploration Project Group in collaboration with European Space Agency.

Adithiyan was appointed as a Science Data Officer at the mission. His responsibilities were to manage research and experimental data generated during the simulation period. Since he had to coordinate with the Mission Support Team and provide everyone with required data it made his role even more critical. Back from the mission equipped with practical knowledge and first-hand experience he now plans to publish research work basis his learnings.

Rohan, who was appointed as a Records Officer at the mission, is equally thrilled. He was responsible for preparing log-files of the events, analyze workflows and procedures, plan and schedule analogue astronaut activities, and evaluate overall mission efficiency.