UPES Faculty develops and patents innovative Neelam Multifuel Burning stove

Under the able leadership of Dr. S. J. Chopra, Chancellor of UPES, a team of UPES faculty members including Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Professor and Associate Dean, Academic Planning and Monitoring, developed and patented the Neelam Multifuel Burning stove, an innovative new stove that promotes green energy while providing more efficiency, and less CO emissions than an average stove. It operates in 4 modes - pure biomass, pure biogas, pure LPG, and a combination mode. Special thought has been given to make the device economical and accessible to the masses.


Neelam Multifuel Burning Stove operates with four different modes i.e. purely biomass mode, purely biogas mode, purely LPG mode and a combined mode of biomass and either LPG or biogas. Depending on the availability of fuel, this stove has the flexibility of fuel selection. The Neelam Multifuel Stoves are structured with two combustion chambers, i.e., an upper combustion chamber and a lower combustion chamber wherein the upper combustion chamber is positioned over the lower combustion chamber. These stoves are designed with the provision of producing heat out of the solid fuels within the lower combustion chamber whereas the upper combustion chamber is equipped with a removable hybrid burner kit to supply gaseous fuels to a cooking vessel. The hybrid burner kit is also provided with control mechanism to control the flow of gaseous fuels to the upper combustion chamber and subsequently to the cooking vessel.


Additionally, the stoves designed according to the present subject matter reduce the amount of carbon monoxide produced during combustion by 85% to lO0% (when measured from a cold start). Also, the reduction in amount of carbon monoxide consequently raises the combustion temperature of the stoves, thereby increasing the efficiency of the multifuel stoves. Furthermore, this stove is low-cost, user-friendly and extremely efficient and can be used in both rural as well as urban households.