innovative technology

UPES faculty members have been granted a patent for an innovative technology that turns waste in to energy. The invention can used in rural areas to generate electricity.

UPES Faculty members, Dr. Praveen Ghodke, former Assistant professor, Chemical Engineering; Dr. Surajit Mondal, Research Scientist, Research and Development; Dr. Jitendra K Pandey, Professor and Associate Dean Research and Development; Mr. Krishna Moorthy R, Junior Research Fellow, Research and Development; and Dr. V Chintala, former Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department; have been granted a patent for A Catalyst for Pyrolysis of Mixed Plastic Waste and a Method of Pyrolysis thereof.

This invention provides a catalyst capable for in-situ pyrolysis of plastic waste for producing gasoline range fuel, efficiently. The catalyst comprises of inorganic hydroxyl group OH, 50 %w/w of oxides of aluminium and 30 %w/w of oxide of silica. This patent is about the pyrolysis process by using plastic waste as a feedstock. In the hilly areas where there are more power cuts, this technology can help the villagers for running generators by using the fuels coming out as the end-product of pyrolysis. Farmers can also use the oil to run field pumps in their agricultural fields. Further the technology will help in reducing carbon emission.

Outcomes of the Patent:

  • Municipal mixed plastic waste (MMPW) could be converted into a valuable product like hydrocarbon fuel.
  • Demonstrable pyrolysis reactor was designed, fabricated and tested for rural areas.
  • Maximum yield of 62.5 wt% by thermal pyrolysis at 500 °C.
  • Yield enhanced to 74.8 wt% at the same temperature of 450°C.
  • Catalyst (CAT-1) was successfully employed to enhance the yield of the hydrocarbon fuel in the study.
  • Additionally, gases product from pyrolysis of MMPW contains C2-C4 hydrocarbon which is having high calorific value.