Hand Washing System

Aman Sharma used his engineering lessons to develop a hand washing system prototype, which was later funded by the Azim Premji Foundation

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering students Manas Jaiswal

NAARI is an initiative started by Anushka and Sanghamitra Khawas

NAARI is an initiative started by Anushka and Sanghamitra Khawas, both students of BA LL.B. (Energy Laws). Through their first campaign ‘AZAADI’, they are working towards ending period poverty in Ind

Started by Shaswat Manoneet, BA LL.B., Legitlex

Started by Shaswat Manoneet, BA LL.B., Legitlex is a platform that provides an opportunity for students across India to write about their different legal opinions. It also features blogs from lawyers

Student Project

Hydraulic Bending Machine relates to a device for bending a workpiece.

B.Tech -Mechatronics Engineering

Researchers Dr. Roushan Kumar, Divyanshu (M. Tech- Automation and Robotics), Basant Singh Bhaskar (B.Tech -Mechatronics Engineering),


An Electric Vehicle Fleet Management project was undertaken by students Deepak and Mohit from MBA Power Management at GENSOL (Blusmart) during their summer internship.

Rishika Sharma, Kanchan Rajput, Fariya Muskan and Shivani Bisht from B.Sc Food..

Rishika Sharma, Kanchan Rajput, Fariya Muskan and Shivani Bisht from B.Sc Food, Nutrition and Dietetics prepared edible cutlery from local millets and pulses of Uttarakhand.

Mechanical Engineering

Team Retrofit, comprising UPES’ Mechanical Engineering students and their faculty mentor, was shortlisted for the ‘I innovate’ challenge at KPIT Sparkle 2020, for designing a Retrofit Camera system

Om Shri, Arushi Jindal and Kartik Vatsa from the School of Health Sciences developed

Om Shri, Arushi Jindal and Kartik Vatsa from the School of Health Sciences developed a hybrid aquaponics system for the cultivation of medicinal plants.


The project ‘Hara Bhara Bazaar’ revolved around collecting second-hand goods from the students of UPES and selling them in the campus at costs ranging from INR 2-INR 20. The idea behind the project wa

Chukku-Mukku: A tangible interactive setup for improving learning experience of primary school child

By students Krishna Kant GUPTA, Shubhangi AGARWAL, Elissa DAS under guidance of  Dr. Anmol SRIVASTVA and Mr. Rakesh SAH

Aipan VR: A Virtual Reality Experience for Preserving Uttarakhand’s Traditional Art Form 

By student Nishant Chaudhary, Mihir Raj, Richik Bhattacharjee under guidance of Dr. Anmol Srivastava, Mr. Rakesh Sah and Mr. Pankaj Badoni..

Telemedicine App – Spotdoc

By Student Ambika Negi under guidance of faculty Dr. Anirban Chowdhury

Switch - E-Scooter Design

By student Adhithya Vishnu M

Mechanical Engineering

Final year students of Mechanical Engineering Rithvik Kanchi and Shashank Singh Deo,

B.Tech CSE

A team of two final year computer science students have created a fully automated sanitizer machine using limited resources during the lockdown. The team included Mayank from B.Tech., CS (Graphics and

UPES Design Students

Watch few of the innovative Design Projects created by UPES School of Design students.

B Des Transportation Design

Harshul Verma a recent undergraduate from the School of Design -UPES, has an unconventional take on motorcycles.


This invention, which has applications in food processing, won its maker the Best Rural Innovator Award bestowed by the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), India.


Students developed this light utility vehicle with a 250 CC engine and a 12-inch ground clearance. It travels on low-pressure tyres and has handlebars for steering control.


The self-powered, camera-fitted model titled ‘Sanitizing Apparatus and Method for Dispensing Sanitizer Solution’, automatically sanitizes small pockets and densely populated areas.


UPES B.Tech. CSE Graphics and Gaming students have developed ‘Diamond Catcher’, a fun video game.


UPES students Shriya Sehgal and Avani Jindal represent have developed an Intelligent Patrolling System, under the able guidance of Prof. Saurabh Shanu.

B Des Transportation Design

Vishal Kumar Singh, Sudhanshu Pathak, and Bravin Balid, graduates, of Transportation Design, from UPES School of Design, designed the GAC Sophon featured on Automotive Design Planet.