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Sanitizing Apparatus and Method for Dispensing Sanitizer Solution - Student Project


The self-powered, camera-fitted model titled ‘Sanitizing Apparatus and Method for Dispensing Sanitizer Solution’, automatically sanitizes small pockets and densely populated areas. Popularly known as ‘SaniRobo’, the project has been accepted to be patented! The invention by UPES faculty Shubhi Sharma, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, and UPES student Neel Adwani, B.Tech CSE AI/ML will help thousands of healthcare workers stay safe. The robust sanitizing apparatus uses an in-built camera to monitor and capture data of a sanitization area and upon receiving a spray prompt, sanitizes the respective area. ‘SaniRobo’ has been developed specially to automate sanitization to ensure minimum spread of the virus amidst the global pandemic.

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