Student Committees

Student Committees

Sports Committee:

The role of the sports committee is to promote sports activities among the students. The Sports committee remains active throughout the year and encourages students to participate and excel in a variety of games and sports that are organized regularly at UPES.

Cultural Committee:

The committee organizes Recreational activities in the forms of music, dance and other cultural activities which play a pivotal role in the overall development of students. Students in this committee organize the university’s annual signature events Uurja and Ignite. Besides these events, technical festivals, and impromptu events by various student chapters/clubs/committees of students are organized.

Student Discipline Committee:

The Student Discipline Committee works under the supervision of the Proctorial Board (which handles student discipline on campus and in hostels), and alerts the board to aspects like ragging, substance abuse, road traffic accidents, eve-teasing, racial/ caste discrimination, and gender harassment. These students also act as student volunteers to manage security and decorum during university events and functions.

Gender Champions:

Gender Champions at UPES are envisaged as responsible leaders who facilitate an enabling environment within the University where girls are treated with dignity and respect. They strengthen the potential of young students to advocate for gender equality and monitor progress towards gender justice.


SEE Ambassadors:

The committee is set up for the individual enthusiasts who enjoy meeting new people, know how to channelize their energy and potential. They also encourage other students to participate, volunteer and support the various events/activities of the university. These student ambassadors are an integral part of exciting projects, campaigns and assist the S.E.E Managers of respective schools to run the flagship events and shows for our students.

Safety Rangers:

The University recognizes the importance to sensitize the students on their Road traffic safety, by organizing various activities and events, like screening of documentaries, films of accident survivors, and distribution of handbooks, planned at regular intervals.

Socio Squad:

Is group of super active, tech-savvy, confident, enthusiastic and reliable students who work closely with Marketing and Communications department to Promote UPES from a current student’s perspective across all digital platforms, multiply brand mentions through their active social presence and to manage online reputation of the brand.

Moot Court Committee (School of Law):

Moot Court means a replica of a real court where legal proceedings and trials take place and thus it is also known as a Mock Court. Where students who are studying law act as professionals and take up all the responsibilities and duties according to their role to see their ability to think creatively and answer convincingly when questioned and show their oratory, writing and persuasive skills. It is one of the modern methods of giving practical knowledge to the students by putting them in a hypothetical situation similar to that of a real court and then the two teams each on one side argue upon fictional cases. 

Student Council (School of Business):

The Students’ Council is an apolitical organization. It derives all its powers from the relevant authorities of the School of Business, UPES, Dehradun, as defined in the Acts & Statutes of the University and shall be subject to all rules and regulations laid down by these authorities.

The purpose of creating the student’s Council:

  • Providing a forum of expression to students’ opinion
  • Developing all-round extra-curricular activities to supplement education; and
  • Advancing the general welfare of students studying at the Institute (School of Business, UPES, Dehradun)
  • Acting as the central policy-making body for students

Health Safety Environment Department- UPES Nursery:

In September 2018 the nursery under the WTPP (Women Technology park project) was converted into UPES nursery. Nursery maintenance committee formed by first-year M.Tech (HSE) under the guidelines of Dr. Kanchan Bahukhandi and Dr. Shefali Arora. Student committee members do the cleaning, plantation, watering and other maintenance.


  • Promoting aromatic plants as complimentary gifts instead of flower bouquets for guests.
  • Promoting health care with greenery plants.
  • To Maintain both UPES nursery in the Bidholi campus.
  • Cultivation and promoting Organic form in the nursery.

Student’s Placement Representative:

Student Placement Representatives (SPRs) work along with the Career Services Department. They help in planning, communicating, and dissipating information about employers on the campus during recruitment drives. They also assist in identifying organizations that are suitable for internships during summer and winter breaks. Career Services has taken an initiative towards refreshment course (Boot Camp), Personality Enhancement Program (PEP), Guest lectures, Alumni interactions and mock interviews to make the students employee-ready.