Student Support

Student Support

Mental Health and Emotional wellbeing Support

We at UPES have a well-developed team of professionals offering empathetic hands to lift students out of the pit of ambiguities, disappointments, confusion, and depression. Our full-time psychological counselor adopts a holistic approach and includes all domains of student’s life while providing group and one to one counseling. Difficulties in academics and learning are dealt with through faculty mentors. UPES is among one of the few universities that understand the student's need for a friend, guide, role model and mentor. Thus we introduced the department of Student Engagement and Experience. This team works closely with students to ensure a wide range of initiatives and activities for engaging them throughout the academic year.

Contact Person: Dr. Veena Krishnan

Email :

Health And Medical Services

  • Infirmary: The University provides the students a well-equipped First-aid support in the Infirmary, It’s also equipped with Ambulance evacuation for the students. There are two male and two female doctors to provide medical support to the students.
  • Ambulance: Medical supports which are beyond the infirmary are facilitated through a high-tech medical ambulance which is present with emergency management facilities.
  • Medial Insurance: All the registered students in UPES are medically insured for a sum of Rs 100,000/- by Universal Sompo General Ins Com. The insurance also covers Road Accident causality.

How to avail Medical Insurance: (Below Links to be copied from the Lower Tab-Student Space)

Student Dress Code:

"The way you dress is the way you will be addressed." A smart casual and good looking outfit develops a sense of equality among the students and adds value to their personality. It is expected from all the students to adhere to a smart casual dress.

Financial Support

UPES Extends financial support to the registered students on merit and means.

The various categories of financial assistance provided are:

Academic Scholarship: Click here to know more about scholarships

Dean Of Student Welfare Department

Withstand the need for a one-stop solution for all the academic and non-academic inquiries, we at UPES have setup one full-fledged Dean of Student Welfare Department to assist our students. This department has been set up with the purpose to build, maintain, and coordinate academic and administrative support to students.

Location: Main Block- Ground Floor

Contact #: 7302662071, 7302662072

Remedial Coaching

Understanding the importance of supporting the students to overcome their learning difficulties and gain confidence and interest in learning, remedial classes are planned and organized each year.

The remedial classes are therefore conducted for the students whose performance is not up to the mark i.e. for the students who secure less than 40% marks in Mid-Term Examination.

These classes help the slow learners to fill the gaps in the teaching learning process which may be due to their slow learning pace, lack of understanding, lack of motivation to practice the problems etc. and ultimately enhance their learnings and skills, resulting in improvement in their performance.