Kasi Engineering Student


I chose UPES because of its good reputation and its creative atmosphere for pursuing the challenging International dual degree course.

I acquired the scientific knowledge necessary for understanding nuclear energy production, industrial applications and enlarged my vision on management of nuclear waste with regard to the public acceptance.

During my studies, I felt that college environment was very friendly starting from teachers to students. I had the opportunity to build contacts with eminent international scientists in the field through work, practice and industrial exposure.

I can’t ignore the highly cooperative administration and director of the department Dr. Ram. K. Shivpuri. I would like to thank him for his continuing support, encouragement and for providing a suitable working atmosphere.

I would also appreciate here the teaching methodology, which was quite professional in terms of multimedia power point presentations on important topics, provision of hard copies of helpful notes from mentioned books in required assignment tasks along with complete research work on the fruitful websites, indicators of assignment guided by head of department Dr. Prashanth Rawat.

The superb thing about him is the blend of discipline, hard work, support and the sense of belonging he offered through the system. The learning was a blend of discipline, hard work, enthusiasm that gave me lot of confidence to take up challenges and big strides in learning. UPES is indeed a great place to study and keeps getting better and better....