Someshwar Gaur, B. Tech in Chemical Engineering - Refining and Petrochemicals

We think we’re made of numbers, % on tests, pounds on a scale, likes on photos, price tags on clothes etc. But we are not! We’re made of love, happiness and the way we laugh. We’re made of good memories and post curfew parties. We have more substance than numbers.


I stepped into UPES as a shy person, too new to everything. But now as a reflection on my journey so far, I only see the positive changes it has brought in my life. I have graduated in 2019 as a Chemical engineer and I am grateful to the Chemical Engineering Department for giving me plenty of opportunities to learn via classroom lectures, workshops, guest speaker visits, events, and networking sessions. I was mentored by the best professors and their guidance has shaped me into a confident and better person. Overall it was a roller coaster ride with wonderful industry exposure along with excellent theoretical knowledge.


Walking down the memory lane, reminiscing about the best days, I have realized that those four years of my college life went away in a blink of an eye. Sitting in a college cafe with a cup of overly-sweetened coffee and a plate of Maggi whose soup is threatening to tip over, we contemplate how relationships change. I wouldn’t have been the same person I’m now if it wasn’t for the time I spent in college and the friends I spent it with. You will look back with mixed emotions of joy and sadness while remembering all those weekend trips to Mussoorie, festival celebrations in a hostel, mess food, college fest UURJA, Industrial visit and many more.


In short college life will change you from an innocent teenager to a responsible young vicenarian, and you know what the best part is? You are not going to do this alone, you will do this in a group named FRIENDS. There is nothing like emotional drama we see in the movies or TV serials, maybe that will happen on the last day or maybe not, but those four years of college were the best days of our life.


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