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Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger


SDG 2 aims to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. It emphasizes the complex interconnectedness of food security, nutrition, rural transformation, and sustainable agriculture. A comprehensive approach is needed, considering factors like access to food, nutrition, rural development, and sustainable farming practices to create lasting solutions and ensure sufficient food supply.

Major Goals under this SDGs:

  • End hunger and ensuring that all people have year-round access to safe, nutritious, and adequate food.
  • Eliminate all kinds of malnutrition, including attaining internationally agreed-upon goals for stunting and wasting in children under five.
  • Increase the incomes and production of small-scale food producers by twofold, especially for women, indigenous peoples, family farmers, and fishermen.
  • Ensure sustainable food production systems and resilient agricultural methods that boost productivity and production, aid in ecosystem preservation, and strengthen ability for climate change adaptation.
  • Preserve genetic variety while making sure that the advantages of using genetic resources are distributed fairly and equally.
  • Enhance agricultural productive capacity in developing nations by investing more in plant and livestock gene banks, technological development, agricultural research and extension services, and rural infrastructure.

Major Activities conducted/ policies implemented by UPES:

  • UPES runs a Labour School at Kandoli campus, focusing on Early Childhood Care and Education for construction workers' children aged 3-8, providing nutritious mid-day meals.

    - 900 children were provided mid-day meals