• Course : MBA (Power Management)

    • Batch : 2010-2012
    • Current Company : Munish One
    • Designation : Business Owner

    Experience :I shifted from chemicals into a pure electrical background, UPES taught me the commercial and various other aspects of power business which supported my career immensely. It’s UPES which differentiated me from being a normal manager to someone in the high-end industry where I can become a director, where I can lead the industry into large spaces.

    Karan Shah

    Karan Shah

  • Course : MBA (International Business)

    • Batch : 2010-12
    • Current Company : Container Corporation of India Ltd. (CONCOR), Ministry of Railways
    • Designation : Terminal Manager (ICD Jaipur)

    Experience :I completed my MBA in International Business Management from UPES, Dehradun in the year 2012. The University has nurtured my career and transformed me into a successful Manager. Today I take pride in being referred to as an Alumni of UPES. I have spent both my University years at the campus hostel and have benefitted from the immense knowledge and experience of our faculty at the International Business Department. The life at campus cannot be expressed in words; it can just be felt by being there. The faculty and staff have mastered the art of curving out rough stones into masterpieces which they have done to us and are continuously repeating it.

    Syed Mohd Abbas Rizvi

  • Course : MBA (International Business)

    • Batch : 2011-2013
    • Current Company : Associate Analyst, Global Data, Hyderabad

    Experience :I am Kapil Pandey, currently associated with an energy domain focused market research firm. I was part of MBA International Business course of COMES, UPES. I found the quality of academic staff superb. They possess a balanced expertise of academic and corporate fields. They want their students to do well. I found that MBA IB was well designed to combine academic teaching with hands-on learning experiences. This combination was very useful to develop management knowledge and skills and other competencies such as presentations, teamwork, leadership, negotiation and self-awareness. The course curriculum of MBA IB was designed in such a way that both the classes and projects could run simultaneously, which proved very useful for practical management learning. My internship in Chamber of Commerce of Indian state was a wonderful experience.

    Kapil Pandey

  • Course : MBA (LSCM)

    • Batch : 2012-2014
    • Current Company : Markets and Markets, Pune
    • Designation : Senior Research Analyst

    Experience :I am Hima Bindu, currently working for a Market Research firm. I am very proud to be a part of MBA IB course. My course provided hands-on learning beyond theory. The competency and professionalism of my professors were nothing less than outstanding. My course has broadened my horizon and really changed my view about many things. My advice to prospective students is that joining MBA IB is the right decision. I wholeheartedly endorse MBA IB course of UPES.

    Hima Bindu

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