Testimonial by Karan Shah

Course : MBA (Power Management)

  • Batch : 2010-2012
  • Current Company : Munish One
  • Designation : Business Owner

Experience :I shifted from chemicals into a pure electrical background, UPES taught me the commercial and various other aspects of power business which supported my career immensely. It’s UPES which differentiated me from being a normal manager to someone in the high-end industry where I can become a director, where I can lead the industry into large spaces.

Karan Shah

Testimonial by Manasvini Badyal

Course : B.A. LL.B (Hons.), Law

  • Batch : 2007-2012
  • Current Company : Jacobs
  • Designation : Legal Counsel

Experience :UPES gave me a launch pad to join one of the top corporate house of the country. I would credit a lot of my success to what I learnt at UPES and the kind of practical exposure I got.

Manasvini Badyal


Testimonial by Syed Mohd Abbas Rizvi

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2010-12
  • Current Company : Container Corporation of India Ltd. (CONCOR), Ministry of Railways
  • Designation : Terminal Manager (ICD Jaipur)

Experience :I completed my MBA in International Business Management from UPES, Dehradun in the year 2012. The University has nurtured my career and transformed me into a successful Manager. Today I take pride in being referred to as an Alumni of UPES. I have spent both my University years at the campus hostel and have benefitted from the immense knowledge and experience of our faculty at the International Business Department. The life at campus cannot be expressed in words; it can just be felt by being there. The faculty and staff have mastered the art of curving out rough stones into masterpieces which they have done to us and are continuously repeating it.

Testimonial by Kapil Pandey

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2011-2013
  • Current Company : Associate Analyst, Global Data, Hyderabad

Experience :I am Kapil Pandey, currently associated with an energy domain focused market research firm. I was part of MBA International Business course of COMES, UPES. I found the quality of academic staff superb. They possess a balanced expertise of academic and corporate fields. They want their students to do well. I found that MBA IB was well designed to combine academic teaching with hands-on learning experiences. This combination was very useful to develop management knowledge and skills and other competencies such as presentations, teamwork, leadership, negotiation and self-awareness. The course curriculum of MBA IB was designed in such a way that both the classes and projects could run simultaneously, which proved very useful for practical management learning. My internship in Chamber of Commerce of Indian state was a wonderful experience.

Testimonial by Hima Bindu

Course : MBA (LSCM)

  • Batch : 2012-2014
  • Current Company : Markets and Markets, Pune
  • Designation : Senior Research Analyst

Experience :I am Hima Bindu, currently working for a Market Research firm. I am very proud to be a part of MBA IB course. My course provided hands-on learning beyond theory. The competency and professionalism of my professors were nothing less than outstanding. My course has broadened my horizon and really changed my view about many things. My advice to prospective students is that joining MBA IB is the right decision. I wholeheartedly endorse MBA IB course of UPES.

Testimonial by Priyank Mittal

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2012-2014
  • Current Company : Sony India Ltd.
  • Designation : NR Manager

Experience : MBA IB at UPES has taught me two things really well, managing time and people and this is the reason why I am very particular about the deadlines and believe in delivering the best. Faculty of MBA IB have helped me to find the plethora of confidence that has helped me to take on the corporate world with ease!

Testimonial by Harshita Khurana

Course : BBA., LL.B (Hons.) Corporate Laws

  • Batch : 2010-2015
  • Current Company : Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas
  • Designation : Associate

Experience :Everything I have got till date is my from my college, be it good internship, be it my first campus placement, everything. The kind of opportunities and cooperation that the faculty gives is tremendous. Would like to thank UPES, all my teachers and everyone who’s got me here where I’m right now.

Harshita Khurana


Testimonial by Ishita Ranjan

Course : MBA (Energy Trading)

Experience :It feels great to be a UPESite. While doing my graduation at UPES, I got an opportunity to do my 3rd semester at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) under Student Exchange Program. Continuous motivation and inspiration by my faculty at UPES, has inspired me to take my studies seriously. As a result, I got fantastic opportunity to earn international academic exposure. Thanks to my professors of University of Alberta and Dr. Guven for guiding me throughout this journey. The University has provided me exposure to new experiences, challenges, different culture which has ultimately helped me grow holistically. My experience at Alberta was wonderful. My class was a mix crowd of people from different nations and they were primarily working professionals who had good number of years of experience in their respective sectors.

Testimonial by Shikha Gupta

Course : B.Tech (Avionics)

  • Current Company : Airbus India
  • Designation : Software Engineer

Experience :It’s a pleasure to be part of UPES. The course Curriculam of UPES is very contemporary and to the point. The faculty here are very cooperative and ghelpful. They help students to achieve their dreams. They help students improve both communication as well as technical skills. I am proud alumni of UPES. UPES Rocks!


Testimonial by Soumya Sen

Course : MBA (MBA Oil & Gas Management)

  • Batch : 2005-2007
  • Current Company : Infosys Consulting, Inc
  • Designation : Senior Consultant

Experience :It’s been over seven year now since I passed out and I still recollect my days at the campus and the world-class infrastructure we had including the library, our various labs, etc.. It was because of the learnings we received from our learned faculty, all of us are really well received by the industry and are doing exceptionally well in our respective careers. I wish all the best to the coming batches into UPES.

Soumya Sen


Testimonial by Divya Gupta

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2012-2014
  • Current Company : Ken Research, New Delhi

Experience :I am an alumnus of MBA IB, UPES. I did my MBA in International Business and passed out in 2014. I am thankful to the wonderful opportunities that MBA IB, UPES gave me during my stay. From college fests to conferences, each event was a learning experience. We got to interact with Mrs. Condoleezza Rice, Ex-United States Secretary of State. The best opportunity I got at department of MBA IB was the Student Exchange Program with the University of Alberta, Canada. I got to learn so much from this exchange on which I went during my IV Semester. I got great exposure and even received a scholarship there that enriched my experience.

Testimonial by Mansi Garg

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2012-2014
  • Current Company : Darcl Logistics Limited
  • Designation : Research analyst

Experience :The education and experience that I gained from MBA IB, UPES allowed an easy, smooth, and rewarding transition from a student to a successful employee. The curriculum of IB, the faculty, and the students provided environment to stimulate my learning. My decision to study in University of Petroleum and Energy Studies has enabled me to immerse myself in all cultures, as well as benefit from the full range of facilities, from the efficient library to the luminous green fields. The environment here is calm and peaceful; hence promote studies. In addition, MBA IB course has given me the valuable experience of interacting with people from other cultural backgrounds. It has certainly widened my perspective on life, and in the whole process, I have acquired self- confidence in all the things I do.

Testimonial by Abhishek Pundir

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2012-2014
  • Current Company : Decathlon
  • Designation : Category Manager

Experience :I have known this course (MBA IB) since 2008 as I did my B.B.A in Oil and Gas Marketing from UPES. I love this University and decided go for MBA in International Business. Before Joining IB course I did proper research how this course will be beneficial to me and my career. My MBA IB couse has given an opportunity to work globally and share good level of knowledge which will help me in future.

Faculty and Friends connection that we make will last forever entire your life and small things that we learn in college will make a big impact while on working in Corporate. So to end on a short note I will say I am proud to be an UPES student and will visit once a year to meet my faculty to spend quality time with them.

Testimonial by Deepti  Singh

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2012-2014
  • Current Company : Decathlon Sports India
  • Designation : Management Trainee, Strategic Supply Chain

Experience :Hi Everyone! The journey of my MBA IB has been really fantastic. The aura in MBA IB is such that it makes you want to learn more and get involved in many useful activities to ensure your overall personality growth. I have always received support from faculty which made me more confident about myself and helped me a lot in my academics as well.

Being nervous about the placements is something very common in the end of the second year but thanks to the department of MBA IB and the placement team which made me believe in my capabilities and also gave me the opportunity to get placed in the domain field where I really wanted to work. Now when I look back I always feel nostalgic and recall those good times spent in MBA IB course in UPES.

Testimonial by Arjun Uday

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2013-2015
  • Current Company : Grand view research
  • Designation : Research Associate

Experience :It has been a wonderful experience at UPES. Apart from being close to the nature i was floored by the staff, Infrastructure and the working of the university. Special focus is given to sports and co-curricular activities. This also happens to be one of the very few renowned universities to have a well en-stated placement cell. My learning here shall remain for a lifetime.

Testimonial by Saurabh Shrivasta

Course : MBA (Power Management)

Experience : UPES is truly a nation builder’s University. My experience at UPES-DDN campus is a garland of beautiful memories with each bead corresponding to each day of the 2 years. An ambience of learning mixed with fun and exposure to the professional environment, multiplying the intellectual development to suit the requirement of top notch industries across the globe. The best taste of life is when one is able to convert his passion into his profession. UPES has been fulcrum to leverage me do that. I believe this is how excellence is achieved. Thanks to UPES.

Testimonial by Pushpak Roy

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2013-2015
  • Current Company : IILPL, American President Lines
  • Designation : Analyst-Opertations

Experience :Joining MBA IB was a right decision for my career as it gave me many opportunities to explore myself in different fields and fulfil my ambitions. I as a student of MBA- International Business Management have got a lot of support from my department. Here the faculties are very cooperative and are ready to help students with their issues relating to studies as well as in personal front. The curriculum of my program strongly focuses on industrial exposure with visits to the industry to make students learn everything in practical view. Frequent visits by Industrial stalwart also help to give a theoretical insight on the present scenario of the industry. I wanted to join in the field of Operations and I got my job as Analyst – Operations in American President Lines which shows if someone wants to fulfil their dreams in core dimensional field of studies they must go for UPES, Dehradun. Studying in the leaps of nature will keep your mind fresh.

Testimonial by Shubhendra Anand

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2013-2015
  • Current Company : Grand View Research
  • Designation : Research associate

Experience :My course curriculum was designed according to the industry. The mentoring of the faculty was amazing. We had subjects in core knowledge of logistics, trade documentation and WTO as well. I would highly recommend MBA IB from UPES because of the wonderful environment for any individual to go on and pass out as a professional.

Testimonial by Raktim Saikia

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2013-2015
  • Current Company : H&R Johnson
  • Designation : Management Trainee

Experience :I feel very proud of being a part of such an esteemed university. As a B Tech graduate, initially I was facing some problems in understanding economics and finance at the beginning of my MBA IB but the way my faculties and my department guided me, economics became one of my favorite subjects. The course structure of MBA IB as well as the various academic activities that department follows, have always been helpful for us from the industry point of view. Apart from the classroom programs, it has a very well maintained. With proper guidance of my faculties and my own hard work, I am placed in H&R Johnson (India) in the 3rd semester itself. Today I feel that I took the right decision of joining MBA-International Business in UPES.

Testimonial by Anuj Singh Tomar

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2012-2014
  • Current Company : Dexler Energy Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Designation : General Mnagement Executive

Experience :I would like to mention the more intangible and, in my opinion, the more enduring lifelong benefit /advantage that the MBA IB, UPES has given me. MBA IB in UPES was a life-changing experience for me. Coming from a high intensity pharma research background, many facets of the world of business were new to me and I found the course to be of an exceptional quality and easy to follow. Being an chemical research background working professional and travelling to Dehradun for the first time to pursue higher studies added to my anxiety. But, the MBA IB program is such designed and administered seamlessly that I not only felt ‘the warm welcome’ but, my faculty and peers became a support system throughout my stay as well as a network for life. The practical skills backed by academic knowledge have given me the confidence to pursue my career. Wishing a very splendid growth in future!

Testimonial by Nimish Sharma

Course : MBA (International Business)

  • Batch : 2012-2014
  • Current Company : Kuehne & Nagel
  • Designation : Executive Trainee

Experience :UPES’s journey was one of the best learning I had until now. My sessions in MBA IB started with the personality enhancement program which all together helped me a lot in grooming up my personality. Besides academics, MBA IB gave me a lot of other exposures like international paper writing, various economic & marketing competitions, corporate projects etc. The faculty of MBA IB was very supportive in every way being it academics or placement or industry projects. I got constant support and encouragement from the department. My department gave me great exposure and today I am working in a multinational company. This journey from college life to professional world has eased my efforts in life, thanks to MBA IB, UPES.

Testimonial by Sparsh Raj Gupta

Course : B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

  • Batch : 2016
  • Current Company : DevOps Consultant
  • Designation : Consultant

Experience :I completed my B.Tech (CS) from UPES in 2016. After my graduation, I joined Xebia. Here, I am working as a DevOps Consultant. I thank UPES for giving me ample opportunities for development. I got a lot of exposure to practical knowledge and acquired a sense of professionalism. It has been a privilege to be a part of UPES and being guided by top notch faculty.”

Testimonial by Rajeev Tripathi

Course : B.TECH (Applied Petroleum Engineering)

  • Batch :2003-2007
  • Current Company : Schlumberger
  • Designation : Commercialization Engineer

Experience :Like to thank UPES for giving me a platform of petroleum engineering. Must say UPES is a brand now and I’m happy to be associated with this brand.

Testimonial by Shagun Sharma

Course : B. Tech.(Geo Informatics)

  • Batch : 2011-2105
  • Current Company : L&T Infotech Ltd.
  • Designation : Petroleum Engineering

Experience :UPES impacted my life in many ways, got a great platform not only in academics, but also for a lot of extracurricular activities. Gave us lot of facilities which provided us with great hands-on experience which we are able to use now in our day-to-day office work. Thank you UPES.



Testimonial by Anurag Bardhan

Courses : MBA(Upstream Asset Management)

  • Batch : 2008-2011
  • Current Company : BHG Associate Pvt Ltd
  • Designation : Asst Manager(Business Development)
  • Location : New Delhi
  • Past Companies : Motul India

Experience : In my present company, I had demonstrated the process of what a UPES student can do in outside world. I have been able to build a good track record

Truly fantastic. UPES is an open world. Just as an institution should be. The aura still exist within me. This energy won't go anytime in my life. Thanks UPES

Testimonial by Manish Arora

Courses : MBA Aviation Management

  • Batch : 2008-2010
  • Current Company : RCM Aeroservices Ltd.
  • Designation : Strategic Quality Analysis
  • Location : Noida, UP
  • Past Companies : Deccan 360

UPES Rocks!! UPES teached us how to be a professional in industry. Because of UPES I met wonderful friends in my life.

Testimonial by Mayank Mahajan

Course : B.Tech (Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology)

  • Batch : 2016
  • Current Company : DevOps
  • Designation : consultant

Experience :I am from UPES 2016 Batch (Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology). Currently, I am working as a DevOps consultant. My journey from UPES to Xebia has been a great one. UPES helped a lot in shaping my life in the right ways. Whether it was the academics or participation in extra-curricular activities, I gained immense confidence. Today, I feel more confident while dealing with the clients, handling pressure and managing my work. All this has been possible because of the freedom I got during my time in UPES, allowing me to explore my leadership skills.

I believe that the right decision at the right point does wonders. I consider myself lucky to be a part of both UPES as well as Xebia.

Testimonial by Danish Mohd. Khan

Courses : MBA-Aviation Management

  • Batch : 2008-2010
  • Current Company : Make my trip
  • Designation : Executive
  • Location : Delhi
  • Past Companies : GMR-DIAL

Experience : Before the completion of my MBA, I was selected by GMR-Delhi International Airport in the 3rd semester itself. It was huge opportunity for me as I learnt a lot about the aviation industry so closely. I made contacts with other colleagues in the industry. I was selected by Make My Trip because of my experience in GMR and my MBA (Aviation). Thanks a lot to UPES for giving me platform in this industry.

I feel lucky and blessed to get associated with UPES during my curriculum. It gave me an exposure to gain knowledge and confidence to enter into the industry where I dream to be. Also I am thankful to UPES for the placement assistance I got from here that I feel among the lucky individual.

Testimonial by Aditya V.S. Bhaduria

Course : Integrated B.Tech(APE) + MBA(UAM)

  • Batch : 2007-2013
  • Current Company : Greka Drilling

Experience : The academics days spend here in UPES were simply awesome.

Testimonial by Deepak Mishra

Courses : MBA(Power Management)

  • Batch : 2005-2007
  • Current Company : Fidato Consultants Pvt Ltd
  • Designation : Director-Projects
  • Location : Delhi
  • Past Companies : GMR-DIAL

Experience : with quality education & good industry support , I have reached to  an enerpreneur stage now.

It’s an esteemed educational institution for Energy sector specialization. The experience is very good in terms of education quality, live projects exposure, visits and industry.

Testimonial by Aparajita Dutta

Course: B Tech Computer Sceince & Engineering with specialization in Oil & Gas Informatics

  • Batch : 2011-2015
  • Internship : Pursuing Master of Science from University of Vermont, USA with full fee waiver as Research Associate Position

Experience: During my four years at UPES, I have not only received an unconditional support and brilliant exposure but also augmented my personal growth. The faculty members at the center for information technology are especially responsible for my overall growth. The IBM collaboration really helped me during my application process to foreign University. It was very well appreciated by universities abroad. Of the 8 universities that I made it to,most were very impressed by the coursework drawn out for us. The quality of education I received here is definitely the reason why I was chosen for a Master's program in Computer Science at The University of Vermont, a public research ivy,with a full tuition waiver and an RA position. My course curriculum was absolutely at par with what is being taught across the globe. I am looking forward to returning one day and giving back to the university in whatever capacity I can.

Testimonial by Dhruv Yadav

Courses : MBA LSCM

  • Batch : 2010-2012
  • Current Company : Jayem Warehousing Pvt Ltd
  • Designation : Asst Manager
  • Location : Delhi
  • Past Companies : Iyogi Tech Services

Experience : I am still on the way, working hard to achieve goals more efficiently.

Two years of time spent in college enriched with knowledge, fun and exposure to various industry segments.

Testimonial by Rahul Rawat

Course : B.Tech (APE)

  • Batch : 2008-2012
  • Current Company : Darr Mobilize
  • Designation : Drill Log Analyst

Experience : Enjoyed my time, great learning experience and have acquired experience in gas field, now working for a reputed firm.

Testimonial by Deepankar Aggarwal

Course : B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)

  • Batch : 2016
  • Current Company : DevOps
  • Designation : consultant

Experience :I completed my graduation from UPES in 2016. My journey with Xebia started 6 months back as a Trainee. Xebia is a passionate organization. They give you the flexibility to switch to the domain you want to work on. The company is very much open to adopting new technologies. They provide a terrific career opportunity as well as growth. Cannot get better than this for a fresher. But, facing such real life scenario was easier because of the exposure and education I received at UPES. UPES constantly strives to bridge the gap between the course curriculum and industrial requirements. This provides a solid foundation and prepares the student for the real world.

Testimonial by Gaurav Upadhyay

Course : B.Tech(Geo-Informatics)

  • Batch : 2008-2010
  • Current Company : TCS

Experience :Memorable days in class room, Miss UPES days.

Testimonial by Gaurav Kumar Rai

Courses : MBA Aviation Management

  • Batch : 2007-2009
  • Current Company : Red Express
  • Designation : Customer Relationship Management
  • Location : Gurgaon
  • Past Companies : Bharti Teletech Limited

Experience : Success started with UPES campus. I was the first boy to be placed & first one to join company in MBA-AVM 2007-2009 batch. Second big achievment was to get through in big group like Bharti Group & been awarded with several awards.

A journey with UPES was an awesome experience full of joy, learning, fun, etc. If I will try to portray everything it will take life long time. However I would like to thank all the faculty members Prof. Gandhi, Dr. Dwivedi, etc., for showing/guiding us to the path of success. I would really like to thank Ms. Simmi Tikku who helped me to climb the success ladder. Last but not the least it is UPES who helped to make the stand where I am right now.

Testimonial by Kuldeep Singh Punia

Courses : MBA(IFM)

  • Batch : 2008-2010
  • Current Company : BARSYL
  • Designation : Regional Head
  • Location : Delhi

Experience : Best employee and best in BD for consecutive 2 years. Thanks to my university for grooming me.

Testimonial by Rashmi Gusain

Courses : MBA-Aviation Management

  • Batch : 2008-2010
  • Current Company : GMR-DIAL
  • Designation : Executive
  • Location : Delhi

Experience : After completing my post graduation with UPES, I joined as a project trainee at GMR-DIAL and after that on the basis of performance, GMR-DIAL recruited me. Currently working with AOCC as an executive.

My journey with UPES was unforgetable, UPES provided me a platform through which I steped towards my success. Two years with UPES were the two best years of my life.

Testimonial by Yuvraj Gupta

Course : B.Tech (Cloud Computing & Virtualization Technology)

  • Batch : 2016
  • Designation : Big Data Test Engineer

Experience :Being a CS graduate with specialization in Cloud Computing & Virtualization Technology, I was fortunate to have landed a job with Xebia. I have been working at the client site as a Big Data Test Engineer which has been both exciting and challenging. And speaking about UPES, my alma mater. UPES has provided a solid platform to learn much more beyond the usual course work. Its collaborative courses make the students aware of the trending technologies in the industry. The best of UPES is their top notch faculty. They are always ready to guide you.

Testimonial by Kushagra Chaturvedi

Courses : MBA-Aviation Management

  • Batch : 2008-2010
  • Current Company : Valley Fliers
  • Designation : Operation Manager
  • Location : Gurgaon
  • Past Companies : GMR

Experience : I joined GMR as MT and spent a year at T1 & T3 Delhi. Then I joined Valley Fliers and got promoted and now working as manager operation heading the operations for north India.

It was an awesome experience to be a part of UPES family. It was a pleasure to be guided by the faculty of UPES when we were at the stage of entering the Global world. It helped usout to undersatnd the world better.

Testimonial by Richa Pandey

Course : MBA-Aviation Management

  • Batch : 2008-2010
  • Current Company : INDIGO Airlines
  • Designation : Analyst-Revenue Management
  • Location : Gurgaon
  • Past Companies : Interglobe Air Transport Ltd.

Experience : I cant say it a success story but definitely a good state of career, I am currently working for India's only profitable airline and managing network revenue.

It was great learning and a fun experience journey at UPES. Though I joined UPES with almost nil knowledgeof Aviation, fun with friends, parties, studies before examination, lunch breaks, cafeteria fun, classes, bunks, exams, everything is so memorable that can be notted on the paper, finally what I can say is I have a big big place for UPES deep inside my heart and i thank UPES for getting me the opportunity to join.

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