Constructing New World with Newer Disruptive Techn

Tech Tuesday | Constructing New World with Newer Disruptive Technologies

Needless to say that the current, rather pre-pandemic world order has taken a major hit and is broken. Things that were, will not be!

Social distancing, Namaste instead of handshake, sanitizers everywhere, touch-free kiosks, remote working, web-based-video-meetings, the list goes on.

The way we used to interact, communicate, do things are different today; the world at large is not what it used to be. It is, as we say, “disrupted”, and getting more and more so.

But every problem comes with wonderful opportunities; an opportunity to solve the problem such that the situation becomes better than what it was!

The post-pandemic world offers enormous opportunity for technologists, technocrats, engineers, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, industrialists; and therefore to our students, who are in future going to play all these roles. Opportunity to find solutions to the new world order requirements and demands.

These altogether new, hitherto un-imagined demands will need a different type of, shall we say newer “disruptive” technologies that will help construct the new world order.

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