Deciding on a Law College?

Deciding on a Law College?

Deciding to attend a law college is just the tip of the decision-making iceberg when it comes to getting a legal education.

Many students get wrapped up in shiny object syndrome and spend a lot of time focusing on things like rank and prestige above all else. However, at the end of the day, those things bear very little impact on the future success of a law student.

When choosing a law school keep in mind everything from fields of study to future career paths. This webinar focus on key factors to consider before enrolling onto a law college and make a paradigm shift from the options of old and traditional ones.

The webinar is recommended for students who want to pursue the following courses: LL.B. and LLM.


photo of Dr. V.K. Singh
Dr. V.K. Singh
Dean, School of Law @UPES
photo of Ms. Poonam Verma
Ms. Poonam Verma
Partner @Jyoti Sagar & Associates
photo of Tatiana Rizopoulou
Tatiana Rizopoulou
Director, International Partnerships @University of Law, United Kingdom