Empowering Women From Classroom to Boardroom


Education is, arguably, one of the most potent tools that can ensure the emancipate and empower women across levels and can positively impact the state of their being, their status and position in the society and build a solid foundation for their holistic growth and development. 

UPES is bringing together women thought leaders and visionaries to delve deeper into the issues of gender parity and the need for bold approaches in the realm of higher education through a WEB TALK Series called ‘SHAKTI TALKS’.

The discussions will be centered around creating improved options, opportunities and outcomes for girl students. Eminent women achievers will share their life journeys and inspire young aspirants to make life-enhancing decisions and forge ahead with confidence on their career path.

Speaker Profile: 

Ms. Rekha Sharma, Chairperson, National Commission for Women (NCW), has been a staunch advocate of women’s rights and gender equality. The inquiry committees chaired by her have been crucial in getting justice for victims of violence. She has been a vocal proponent of the economic emancipation of women and has lent her support to women-led enterprises, in association with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, to improve their potential and productivity. She has organised seminars and workshops for women entrepreneurs in collaboration with various universities to help bust gender stereotypes in the society.