Engineering+ A Plus that Multiplies

Engineering+ A Plus that Multiplies

Engineering is one of the most in-demand and well-paying professions and will continue to remain so in the years to come. Engineering firms are strongly positioned as the builders of a smart, connected world. As governments and private sector work towards infrastructure upgrades and smart-city megaprojects, a skilled and driven workforce will always be required.

However, in this complex, competitive world, merely getting a primary B.Tech. degree does not guarantee a job.

As we stand on the brink of Industrial Revolution 4.0, engineering combined with technology is set to change the way we live. ‘Intelligent Engineering’ is more than a buzzword that shall soon sweep the way businesses are done and simultaneously changing how ‘Engineering’ is taught in classrooms.
Thus, there is a need to go beyond conventional engineering; there is a need to go a degree higher with Engineering Plus.

Understanding this evolving requirement, this webinar talks about necessary steps required to equip the 21st-century millennial for the future.
As the younger generation prepares itself to enter the workforce in such a dynamic environment, ‘Engineering Plus’ is devising a solid roadmap that can multiply their prospects of securing a well-paying job; ‘Engineering Plus’, is indeed the only plus that multiplies.

The webinar is recommended for students who want to pursue the following courses: B.Tech. Engineering and B.Tech. Computer Science.


photo of Dr. Kamal Bansal
Dr. Kamal Bansal
Dean, School of Engineering and Academic Development and Innovation @UPES
photo of Mr. Hari Ramasubramanian
Mr. Hari Ramasubramanian
@IBM Innovation Centre for Education
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