ETalks: The Art of Social Media

UPES School of Modern Media, India's first Digital-led Media School presents three exhilarating sessions on social media, featuring some of the biggest names from the Indian Industry. Each session takes students through various aspects of social media.

Session 1: Think like an Influencer

Are you an Influencer or wish to be one? Come explore the secrets on building your brand and marketing yourself on social media while retaining your voice and authenticity. How does the world of social media function internally? What drives content? What does an Influencer need to keep in mind today ? Are just some of the questions we'll be discussing alongside you in the session. The session featured Mr. Meghnad S. (Associate Editor, News Laundry); Ms. Anubha Bhonsle (Founder, Newsworthy, Former: Exec Editor, CNN-IBN) and Ms. Karnika Kohli (Assistant Professor of Media Practice, UPES; Audience Editor at ScrollStack). It was moderated by Dr. Nalin Mehta (Dean, UPES School of Modern Media; Former Executive Editor: Times of India Online).


Session 2: Digital Kickstarter

What does a photo need to have for high searchability? What kinds of memes do well online? Which graphics should you be making for vitality? If designing and ideating creative content for social media is your thing - this session is perfect for you to seive materials for the toolkit that you need to build in learning content secrets on what kind of content works and what doesn't, in this digital age. The session featured Dr. Sanjeev Singh (Professor & Associate Dean, SOMM, Former Editor: Digital Broadcast, Times Internet; Former Sr. Assistant Editor, Bennet Coleman & Co.Ltd); Ms. Anshika Arora (Assistant Professor, SOMM; MSc Media & Communications, London School of Economics); and was moderated by Dr. Ramna Walia (Assistant Professor, (Senior Scale), SOMM; Ph.D. Media Studies, the University of Texas at Austin; M.Phil, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU).


Session 3: Fact - checking & how to bust Fake News

This session is on Fact - checking & how to bust Fake News. In the world of information overload, what content is real and what is fake? The importance of fact - checking is crucial than ever before and this session will equip you to understand how to spot fake new. The sessions exciting featured Ms Geetika Rustagi (Ex- Google News Lab); Mr. Jency Jacob (Fact Checker & Managing Editor, BOOM LIVE; Former Sr. Editor Web, Business Standard); and will be moderated by Dr. Nalin Mehta (Dean, UPES School of Modern Media; Former Executive Editor: Times of India Online).