Science Series: Nanoelectronics

UPES, in association with Institute of Physics (IOP), UK, Indian Physics Association (IPA) and Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) is organizing online lectures titled ‘Science Series’ by eminent scientists from India and abroad, especially for school students and school teachers.

The second webinar in the series title Nanoelectronics featured Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi. With over 475 research publications in the area of nano-scale devices and nanoelectronics, Prof. Rao is an inventor on 48 patents, 13 of which have been licensed to industries for commercialization. He is the co-founder of two deep technology startups, Nanosniff and Soilsens, at IIT Bombay. Dr. Rao is a Fellow of IEEE, INAE, IAS, INSA and NASI. He is a recipient of three honorary doctorates. The recognitions Prof. Rao received include the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Engineering Sciences, Infosys Prize, IEEE EDS Education Award, Excellence in Research awards from IIT Bombay, DAE and DRDO, Swarnajayanti Fellowship award from the Department of Science & Technology, IBM Faculty award, Best Research award from the Intel Asia Academic Forum, Techno-Visionary award from the Indian Semiconductor Association, J.C.Bose National Fellowship among many others.

The session investigates the physics of MOSFET Scaling (Moore's Law) and study the effect of scaling on the performance of consumer electronic devices such as laptops and mobile devices. The talk also delves into the future of commonly used devices such as mobile phones and computers from the perspective of recent advances in sensor and other technology advances.