Education is, arguably, one of the most potent tools that can ensure the emancipate and empower women across levels and can positively impact the state of their being, their status and position in the society and build a solid foundation for their holistic growth and development. 

UPES is bringing together women thought leaders and visionaries to delve deeper into the issues of gender parity and the need for bold approaches in the realm of higher education through a WEB TALK Series called ‘SHAKTI TALKS’.

The discussions will be centered around creating improved options, opportunities and outcomes for girl students. Eminent women achievers will share their life journeys and inspire young aspirants to make life-enhancing decisions and forge ahead with confidence on their career path.

Speaker Profile: 

Prof. Rohini Godbole is an Indian physicist and academic. A recipient of several distinctions and awards, including the Padmashri from the Government of India in 2019, she has worked towards pioneering a variety of programs, at various fora, to raise awareness on the subject of Women in Science. She has also co-edited books containing material to inspire young girls to take up STEM courses, besides directing a study titled 'Trained Scientific Woman Power: How Much Are We Losing And Why?'. She has also been Chair of INSA and IAS panels for Women in Science. 


Dr Juhi Garg has been leading Project Shakti in UPES. She has previously held the responsibility of Entrepreneurship Evangelist and Coordinator of Women Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF) for UPES Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (UCIE), acted as an Assistant Professor (Selection Grade), and represented School of Law at UCIE. She holds the copyright for developing and standardizing a Psychometric tool for management and commerce students, popular by the name of Occupational Interest Schedule for Students, Institutions’ and Businesses (OIS-SIB). She is also an avid researcher and has published articles internationally.

(The session is by invite only for UPES girl students and girl students who have taken admissions in the year 2020.)  

Watch the session here