Tech Tuesday | Road to Sustainable Development

Tech Tuesday | Road to Sustainable Development

Civil Engineers are considered as nation builders while Fire and safety Engineers are considered as saviors. In the current situation when we are dealing with a pandemic, the contribution of both the engineers is required for better growth and development of our nation.

This pandemic has restrained all of us and has lowered the pace of work. It has also made us realize that sustainability has a key role in the development of a nation as it prevents loss even when the work has stopped. So, there is a need to enhance our system so that we can cope up with the need of the hour. It requires the collaboration of works performed by both Civil as well as FSE engineers so that the country can grow along with safety in an efficient manner and for a much longer duration.

If all these aspects combined in a coherent manner, then rapid sustainable development can be assured making sustainable development more precise in its conceptual underpinnings, while allowing more flexibility and diversity of approaches in developing strategies that might lead to a society living in harmony with the environment and with itself.

Why students should attend:

This webinar will help them in understanding of future demand of fire safety engineers as well as civil engineers. This will also clear their doubts about Fire safety engineer’s job profile and areas/ sectors in which they will be absorbed.

This webinar will also address civil engineers requirement in post COVID era.


Dr. Devendra Gill
General Manager, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd

Mr. Md Zafar Hayat Khan
Lead HSE, Schlumberger (UPES Alumnus)

Dr. Nihal A Siddiqui
Head, Department of HSE & Civil Engineering, UPES