Tech Tuesdays: Future of Aerospace Engineering

Tech Tuesdays: Future of Aerospace Engineering

Imagine the future. What do you see? Asteroid mineral mining? Human space travel to Mars? The establishment of space-faring multi-planetary civilizations?

Whilst these things may sound like a distant dream, the truth is that they’re closer than we think. And it’s the aerospace engineers who hold the most power in bringing these incredible inventions into existence.
Aerospace Engineering is that branch which deals with the design, development, testing, and production of aircraft and related systems like missiles, rocket-propulsion systems, space-shuttles and avionics systems.

Aerospace engineering isn’t just going to have a bright future, it is going to be revolutionizing in more ways than one.

UPES School of Engineering offers B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering and B.Tech. Aerospace with specialization in Avionics Engineering.

By attending this webinar, you can expect to have your doubts cleared about the following:

  • Why Aerospace Engineering?
  • Why Aerospace with specialisation in Avionics Engineering?
  • Careers of the future
  • Scope for specialisation in department of aerospace


Mr. Alok Gupta
Regional Manager, Fluidyn

Mr. Shadaab (UPES Alumnus)
Technical Officer, Indigo Airlines

Dr Sudhir Joshi
Head of Department, Aerospace & Avionics Engineering, UPES