World Class Faculty

To ignite and inspire young minds, UPES has a team of faculty, which hail from some of the
best academic institutions in India (IITs, IIMs etc.) and the world.

Faculty members also bring to the table wealth of world class, hands-on experience from working in leading private and government organizations in the EIT sectors. The culture of initiative and innovation is the foundation of pedagogy at UPES. UPES faculty members are actively engaged in path-breaking academic & applied research projects, academic publications, national & international conferences and industry consultative assignments. This unique ‘Teach and Practice’ approach and use of the most modern IT implements for dissemination of knowledge ensures that students cover the stretch from the classroom to the corporate world successfully.

To make this transition seamless for the students, UPES promotes continuous student-faculty interaction, focused study tours/industry visits, summer internships, industry based dissertations and innovative project work

The distinguished faculty is supplemented with interactions with international professors and world-renowned domain expert . The emphasis is on ‘learning from the best’ to ‘strive to be the best’ and ‘prepare the best’ for the future.

Faculty "Internship" Program - Project Abhigyat

  • Equip faculty with current industry knowledge and experiences
  • Provide students with industry relevant skills
  • Create avenues for research, publications, and industry-academia collaborations


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and Entrepreneurship (UCIE)


Centre for
Continuing Education

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