Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes

UPES has a stellar Career Services department that not only provides exemplary services and confirms to our students for competitive examination but also provides sector leadership in employability development through their training vertical, EDGE (Enhanced Development Growth & Enrichment). A host of activities is arranged like discussions, blogging, personality profiling, competency mapping, domain knowledge tests, aptitude testing and Job posting communication that provide opportunities for career planning and skill enhancement for sustainable student outcomes.

1.1 Employability Boot camps:

The vision of the Employability Boot camp (EB) is to launch students’ careers with work readiness workshops to improve employability prospects. Collaboration with the industry experts and alumni offers students access to real-world job recruitment processes, help them understand the corporate scenario and manage their aspirations and job expectations. Students were empowered through workshops on resume building, writing job applications & cover letters and skills to clear the recruitment process. It prepares them to understand and accept constructive feedback on where to improve and how to forge their path in their careers.

  • For Employability Boot camp students found clear ways to generate enough confidence that will enable to transition from campus to corporate.
  • Students found clarity in their offering, we're able to figure how to exactly communicate to employers and how the specialist strengths in their domain will help them unfold success.
  • They rediscover that their passion for their domain will impact the world
  • Students connected with alumni to clear their doubts and dilemmas about the upcoming placement season.

1.2 Career Counselling

EDGE community page on UPES Learning Management System act as a social tool for scheduling appointments for seeking personal career coaching & Counselling. The goal of this approach is to develop new means of reaching out and supporting student community for higher level of career adaptability in students, enhancing their employability skills.

1.3 Soft Skill development through PEP & PSI

1.3.1 PEP –Personality Enhancement Program (PEP) is a flagship event of the Department of Humanities. It is organized in collaboration with Dale Carnegie. The three-day event aimed to facilitate the transition for undergraduate and post-graduate students at two levels, respectively: transition from school to college and transition from college to industry. The experiential-based learning focused on three skills, namely behavioral skills, people skills and presentation skills. These skills were honed via a series of engaging activities where a trainer was assigned to the batch in the capacity of a facilitator and a coach.

1.3.2 Placement Selection Program

The PSI program intends to groom students for better placement opportunities and enhance their employability prospects. It aims to achieve:

  • Inculcate confidence in students through practical learning
  • Make them experience real interview situations
  • Make them industry-ready professionals
  • Make them aware of their shortcomings in PI by sharing real-time feedback

PSI helps student to understand and analyze their actual value in the market. They get an opportunity to be exposed to various situations that require immediate attention. It enables them to prepare in the areas which otherwise impede their chances of the better placements. Subject Matter Experts help them to uncover the gap in the current level of technical competencies from the expected ones.

Personal Counseling - We at UPES have a well-developed team of professionals offering empathetic hands to lift students out of the pit of ambiguities, disappointments, confusion, and depression. Our full-time psychological counselor adopts a holistic approach and includes all domains of student’s life while providing group and one to one counseling. Difficulties in academics and learning are dealt with through faculty mentors. UPES is among one of the few universities that understand the student's need for a friend, guide, role model and mentor. Thus we introduced the department of Student Engagement and Experience. This team works closely with students to ensure a wide range of initiatives and activities for engaging them throughout the academic year.

Remedial Coaching - Understanding the importance of supporting the students to overcome their learning difficulties and gain confidence and interest in learning, remedial classes are planned and organized each year.

The remedial classes are therefore conducted for the students whose performance is not up to the mark i.e. for the students who secure less than 40% marks in Mid-Term Examination.

These classes help the slow learners to fill the gaps in the teaching learning process which may be due to their slow learning pace, lack of understanding, lack of motivation to practice the problems etc. and ultimately enhance their learnings and skills, resulting in improvement in their performance.

Yoga & Meditation - As the proverb goes "sound mind resides in sound body". UPES pays emphasis on the both physical and mental health of its students. Located in the lap of nature, the beautiful serene campus offers conducive atmosphere to the students to relax. We provide ample opportunities to the students to explore new healthy ways of living which they may not have been exposed at home. We believe that yoga and meditation are the perfect activities to foster physical and emotional calmness and wellbeing. Yoga and meditation classes at UPES have proven effective to increase academic success and confidence, improve mental health, decrease substance abuse, improve physical health and heightened focus in class.