Dr. Ritam Dutta

Dr. Ritam Dutta

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor.

Papers published in journals: 4

Papers presented in conferences: 8

Citations: 54 (Ref. Google Scholar Citation)

Academic Background (Degrees, University Name & Year of Passing):

Doctor of Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University, 2018

Master of Arts, Jadavpur University, 2005

Bachelor of Arts, Jadavpur University, 2003

Honours and Achievements: Fulbright Fellow, 2008


  1. a) Contribution:A prominent cultural dissonance exists regarding āddā in Bengali public discourses: on one hand, āddā is claimed as an intellectual leisure activity that is nothing short of a unique intangible cultural heritage of the Bengali race, and on the other hand, it is considered a complete waste of time for students and youths. On one hand, āddā is equated with student life and youthful vigour, but on the other, students and youths are cautioned against giving āddā. My dissertation - the first of its kind in India - explores this dichotomy through ethnographic empirical research, using the dual lenses of education and culture.
  2. b) Interests:Comparative Literature, Culture Studies, Bengali āddā, Comics, Discourse Analysis, Informal Learning, Critical Theory.

Recent Publications:

Dutta, R. (In Press). Young Bengali Women's Sociability Practices in the Public Sphere: A Study of the Bengali Āddā. In N. Dhar and P. Raouf (Eds), Contemporary Gender Movements in India: Space, Conformity, Dissent and New Temporalities [To be published by Sage]

Dutta, R. (2016). Sottor doshoker biplob o dui bondi'r ovijnota. Bitorkika: Grontho Somalochona'r Patrika, 176-184. Kolkata: Setu Prakashani. ISSN: 2321-855X.

Dutta, R. (2015). ‘Āddā’r sekāl – ekāl’ (The past and the present of āddā). (Bengali). Sandhitsya, 13(3), 129 – 136. Kolkata, India: Sri Arobindo Center for Research in Social Sciences. ISSN: 2395-2903.

Dutta, R. (2015). ‘“Let’s talk”: Promoting dialogue and answerability in critical humanities education with permeable curriculum and an āddā-based pedagogy.’ Kultura – Społeczeństwo – Edukacja (Culture – Society – Education), 1(7), 35 – 59. Poznań (Poland). ISSN: 2300-0422 Dutta, R. (2015, February). ’The integrated curriculum and the place(s) of learning in higher education: Notes from an Indian university campus.’ In Dr. Ferit Uslu (Ed.), Proceedings of INTCESS15 – 2nd International conference on education and social sciences. pp. 1394-1407. [CD]. Istanbul, Turkey: OCERINT. ISBN: 978-605- 64453-2-3 [PEER REVIEWED; Thomson-Reuters/Web of Science Indexed].

Books Published: 3 (Co-authored/Co-edited)

Professional Memberships/Fellowship: The Asiatic Society (Life Member)

Personal interests: Painting, Creative Writing, Yoga, Hiking, and Table Tennis