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This partnership with IBM to co-brand 16 programs jointly with the Centre of Information Technology is the largest partnership of this nature for the company. The tie-up entails 30% face-to-face interactions between IBM experts and UPES students, project-based learning

UPES was the first university to partner with IBM over a decade ago to co-brand 16 cutting-edge specialised programs through joint establishment with the Centre of Information Technology. UPES and IBM collaborated to launch a series of new, futuristic and industry-aligned Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) courses. Redesigned coursework and new delivery mechanisms enabled our students to learn industry-relevant skills. The courses focus on addressing the skill demand in various sectors, including Open-Source Software and Open Standards, with live industry-relevant projects for the students.

Strengthening the already existing ten-year relationship, the IBM-UPES partnership has been renewed in 2022, to achieve a more impactful alliance. IBM will now be offering a first-of-its-kind industry-in-classroom model, where IBM subject matter experts provide learning directly to students, instead of the prevalent ‘train the teacher’ model.

Under this re-energised partnership, IBM will also conduct minor projects and lead the capstone project for all students enrolling into the IBM-offered specialisations. The collaboration involves IBM conducting ICE (Innovation Centre for Education) week on campus, focusing on preparing students to excel in the latest technology and industry developments.

Presently, IBM-UPES is the largest partnership of this nature in the world for IBM with over 2,000 enrolled students.