Campus Sanitization

Facility Readiness

  • Deep cleaning of offices/ classrooms/ MAC/ meeting rooms and hostels will be done on a regular basis
  • Continuous utility checks and cleaning of water storage tanks, rooftop water tanks and water coolers will be done

Sanitization/ Disinfection

  • All labs, ESS, Panels & pumps to be disinfected
  • Sanitization of washrooms, pantries, kitchens, hostels, MDC and infirmary
  • Proper disinfection of computers, laptops and IT equipment


 All outside grass areas, main gates and boundary walls to be fogged

Sanitization and Upkeep

  • All doors/windows to be open during office hours
  • Sanitization of all areas to be done before and after duty hours
  • Special attention to be given to washrooms/toilets by periodical cleaning, swabbing, disinfecting, and maintaining dry
  • Soap solutions/hand sanitizers to be placed and replenished periodically

Attendance system

  • Bio-metric (finger touch) swiping for attendance will be temporarily discontinued
  • Alternate arrangements for attendance (swiping with smart cards) will be made

Common access places

  • Lifts to be cleaned and sanitized frequently
  • Lifts will not be crowded at any time
  • Wearing mask will be mandatory at all times
  • Toothpicks can be kept inside the lift cabins in a small cup
  • No gathering of people in veranda, balcony, parking, and other common places

Social Distancing Protocols

Social Distancing

  • All classroom seating to be reduced
  • Maintaining safe distance in offices, meeting rooms
  • Re-arrange food-courts, food outlets & hostel messes seating
  • Masks to be worn by all
  • PPEs for workers & medical staff
  • Adjustment of library seating
  • Reduction in the capacity of Multi-activity center auditorium (MAC): 200

Multi-directional students’ movement in campus

  • Multiple entry & exit points at campus
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