Travel Protocols

Travel within City Limits

  • All buses will be disinfected completely at regular intervals
  • All buses will be re-routed to avoid plying through containment areas
  • To maintain social distancing, one person will be allowed in a single row of 2-seater (aisle seat to be blocked) and middle seat will be blocked in a 3-seater row
  • The buses will be filled from the last (back) row to front and vice-a-versa while alighting from it
  • Frequent disinfection of all rods and handles at the beginning and the end of each trip
  • Availability of hand sanitizers in each bus and sanitization to be done while entering the bus
  • Wearing mask to be a mandate for each employee
  • As far as possible, usage of mass public transport will be avoided
  • Car passes to be issued by admin dept.
  • In case of a cab, at most three people will be allowed at a time

Visitors Protocols

Campus Visitor protocol

  • Access to all University campuses to be restricted to essential students, faculty, staff, designated vendors, and invited guests
  • Non-essential visitors to campus will not be admitted
  • Additionally, essential campus visitors will wear a face covering

Guest Protocols

  • Entry of relatives/friends of employees to be avoided to the maximum extent. In case of an essential entry, there will be a health check-up at the gate.
  • Entry of e-suppliers like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, etc. is to be avoided. The collection will be done at the campus main gate or at designated spots.
  • The number of visitors to MDC will be reduced. Only essential entries will be allowed after a health check-up at the entry.

All guests not listed in the above categories are non-essential visitors

Procedures for Invited Guests

  • Campus hosts to complete a pre-requisite form prior to the guest's arrival

Walk-in Visitor protocol

  • It shall be mandatory for all walk-ins to fill a self-declaration form.
  • Wearing of mask and Aarogya Setu app will be a must for all before entering the premises.
  • Thermal screening will be done at the main gate. Everyone, except driver of the vehicle, will be required to disembark for this protocol. Driver’s thermal screening will also be done sitting in the car. All others will need to queue up with proper distancing and go through the procedure.