Visitors Protocols

Campus Visitor protocol

  • UPES campus is open with limited staff and facility access.
  • Visitors are advised to check current status of campus timings and days before starting their journey.
  • Visitors are advised to visit only UPES Bidholi campus
  • Visitors to follow government guidelines for interstate and intra state travel to visit UPES campus.
  • Visitors are advised to fill Self-declaration form available on UPES website before planning a visit (Mandatory requirement) Click Here to Download Form
  • All visitors to have updated Arogya setu app install with vaccine details updated (if already vaccinated) (Mandatory requirement)
  • Visitors to follow COVID guidelines and adhere to appropriate behaviour at all times – Wear mask, hand sanitization
  • Campus visit timings - Monday – Friday 10:00AM – 4:00PM
  • Only 1 parent/companion is allowed with student at UPES campus.
  • No personal vehicle will be allowed inside campus premises.
  • Faculty/Support availability subject to duty roster at all academic & non-academic department.

Guest Protocols

  • Entry of relatives/friends of employees to be avoided to the maximum extent. In case of an essential entry, there will be a health check-up at the gate.
  • Entry of e-suppliers like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, etc. is to be avoided. The collection will be done at the campus main gate or at designated spots.
  • The number of visitors to MDC will be reduced. Only essential entries will be allowed after a health check-up at the entry.

Procedures for Invited Guests

  • Campus hosts to complete a pre-requisite form prior to the guest's arrival

Travel Protocols

Travel within City Limits

  • All buses will be disinfected completely at regular intervals
  • All buses will be re-routed to avoid plying through containment areas
  • To maintain social distancing, one person will be allowed in a single row of 2-seater (aisle seat to be blocked) and middle seat will be blocked in a 3-seater row
  • The buses will be filled from the last (back) row to front and vice-a-versa while alighting from it
  • Frequent disinfection of all rods and handles at the beginning and the end of each trip
  • Availability of hand sanitizers in each bus and sanitization to be done while entering the bus
  • Wearing mask to be a mandate for each employee
  • As far as possible, usage of mass public transport will be avoided
  • Car passes to be issued by admin dept.
  • In case of a cab, at most three people will be allowed at a time