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B.Tech. Civil Engineering - Construction Management

Program details

The B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering is designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills required to effectively manage construction projects. The curriculum focuses on three key areas: project management techniques, general management practices, and technology-related subjects. Students will learn how to plan, schedule, and control construction projects within specified scope, quality, time, and cost constraints.

The program offers a comprehensive understanding of construction project management, covering topics such as construction project overview, project planning techniques, and cost-time analysis in the construction industry. Through a combination of theoretical coursework and practical applications, students will gain expertise in handling the complexities of construction projects, from inception to completion. They will also develop proficiency in using various tools and devices that are vital for successful project management.

With this program, students will be well-prepared to take on the challenges of the construction industry, be it in the private or public sector. Graduates will have the knowledge and confidence to lead construction projects efficiently, ensuring their successful execution while adhering to budgetary and time constraints. The B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) program at UPES provides a strong foundation for aspiring construction managers, enabling them to make valuable contributions to the field and thrive in their careers.

Program Highlights

  • The B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering focuses on teaching students the latest and advanced concepts of environmental engineering, enabling them to tackle real-world challenges effectively.
  • Students will have the opportunity to integrate prediction modeling techniques using AI and ML in their environmental engineering projects, enhancing their analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • The B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) program offers access to state-of-the-art lab facilities equipped with advanced instruments, enabling students to conduct cutting-edge research in the field of environmental engineering.
  • With a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, students gain practical exposure to applying environmental engineering principles to real-life scenarios, preparing them for industry demands.
  • The program's specialization in construction management equips students with the knowledge and skills to efficiently manage construction projects while considering environmental sustainability.
  • The curriculum is designed in consultation with industry experts, ensuring that students are equipped with the latest trends and practices, making them job-ready in the field of civil engineering and construction management.

The future scope of the B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) program is highly promising as the demand for modern infrastructure continues to rise. Metros, high-speed trains, expressways, green buildings, clean energy projects, and more necessitate deep expertise in civil engineering. Additionally, there is a growing need for advanced construction technology to enable affordable housing for the less privileged and disaster-resilient structures in vulnerable areas. The industry is also witnessing a rising demand for civil engineers proficient in 3-D printing technology. With these trends, graduates of the program can expect abundant opportunities and a vital role in shaping the sustainable and technologically advanced infrastructure of the future.

Career Opportunities

Completing the B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering opens up a plethora of promising career opportunities for graduates. Equipped with specialized knowledge in construction management, graduates can pursue roles such as Project Manager, Construction Manager, Site Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, and Planning Engineer in various industries. They can find rewarding employment in real estate development companies, infrastructure firms, government agencies, and consulting organizations. Additionally, graduates can explore opportunities in international projects, further expanding their horizons. With a strong foundation in civil engineering principles coupled with construction management expertise, UPES graduates are well-prepared to excel in the dynamic and growing field of construction management.


The B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering boasts exceptional placement records, providing students with promising career prospects. With a focus on honing technical expertise and managerial skills, graduates are well-prepared to meet the industry's demands. Leading construction companies and infrastructure firms actively participate in the campus recruitment drive, offering diverse roles in project management, site supervision, planning, and design. UPES' strong industry connections, coupled with its rigorous curriculum, facilitate valuable internships and job opportunities, ensuring that students secure rewarding placements in esteemed organizations. This program's success in nurturing competent professionals continues to solidify UPES' reputation as a premier institution for Civil Engineering and Construction Management.

Fee Structure

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Interested students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) as stated below: Minimum 50% marks in Classes X and XII. with 50% in PCM (Physics/Chemistry and Mathematics) in Class XII.

Selection Criteria

UPES's selection criteria for students interested in pursuing B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) rely on the individual's performance in UPESEAT / JEE / Board Merit / SAT/ CUET.

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