B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics

Program Details

The B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering offers a dynamic and interdisciplinary curriculum, combining mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, and control systems. The program instils a holistic problem-solving approach, allowing students to address challenges from multiple perspectives. With a focus on practical applications, students gain expertise in creating advanced robotics systems, intelligent machines, autonomous vehicles, and industrial automation, playing a pivotal role in the IoT revolution.

The comprehensive curriculum provides a solid foundation in mechanical, electrical, electronics, and computer engineering, ensuring students are well-equipped to tackle diverse engineering challenges. Emphasizing industrial applications, the program integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience in experimental modelling, allowing students to develop practical skills and confidently address real-world engineering scenarios. The significance of computer programming and software skills is underscored throughout the program, preparing students to control and model complex systems effectively in the digital era.

The program's emphasis on automation technology aligns with the demands of the modern industry, making graduates valuable assets to prospective employers. Through internships, projects, and exposure to engineering challenges, students gain insights into the industry, fostering well-rounded professional development. The flexibility in higher study options enables students to explore various engineering specializations, empowering them to pursue advanced studies in areas of their interest. Overall, the B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering produces adept engineers with diverse skill sets, ready to excel in the dynamic engineering landscape and contribute significantly to technological advancements and automation.

Program Highlights

  • The B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) program integrates mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, and control systems, providing students with a holistic approach to problem-solving and design.
  • Students learn to design advanced robotics systems, intelligent machines, autonomous vehicles, and industrial automation, preparing them for impactful roles in cutting-edge industries.
  • The curriculum emphasizes the role of mechatronics in the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, enabling students to connect sensors, actuators, and communication systems for enhanced performance and functionality.
  • A well-rounded education in mechanical, electrical, electronics, and computer engineering ensures students are equipped with a diverse skill set to tackle varied engineering challenges effectively.
  • With a focus on industrial applications, students gain practical knowledge, insights, and hands-on experience, making them valuable assets for prospective employers in manufacturing and automation.
  • The B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) program places a pivotal focus on automation technology, integration of sensors, actuators, programming, and software skills, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the modern engineering landscape.

The future outlook for B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) is exceptionally promising, marked by rapid expansion fueled by technological advancements and increasing demand across diverse domains. Mechatronics engineers will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of automation and robotics, revolutionizing industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) will further engage these professionals in developing interconnected devices and intelligent systems to enhance efficiency across sectors. Positioned at the forefront of Industry 4.0, mechatronics experts will harness the fusion of digital technologies and automation to optimize production processes and establish intelligent factories. In the healthcare and biomedical engineering realms, they will contribute significantly to innovative medical devices, wearable technology, and assistive devices, transforming patient care and rehabilitation. Collaborating with AI and machine learning specialists, mechatronics engineers will drive the creation of intelligent systems, enabling machines to learn from data and make informed decisions, solidifying their role in the evolving landscape of technology and industry.

Career Opportunities

B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) opens doors to a dynamic array of career prospects in diverse industries. Graduates can explore roles such as Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer, Control Systems Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, IoT Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Product Design and Development Engineer, Research and Development (R&D) Engineer. Additionally, opportunities extend to academic and teaching positions, providing a comprehensive spectrum of choices for individuals pursuing a career in Mechatronics engineering.


The B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) program at UPES offers exceptional placement opportunities with renowned companies specializing in core mechatronics engineering. Graduates have secured placements in esteemed organizations like Rexroth, Honeywell, Fanuc, Siemens, Uno Minda, Royal Enfield, Godrej & Boyce, Flipkart, Alstom India, Anand Group India, IFB Industries, Denso, KPIT, and Maruti. These placements reflect the program's commitment to providing students with real-world exposure and preparing them for successful careers in the dynamic field of mechatronics. With a focus on industry-relevant skills and knowledge, UPES ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to thrive in the competitive landscape of mechanical engineering and mechatronics.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Critical Thinking and Writing2002
EVS 12002
Engineering Mathematics I3104
Object Oriented Programming3003
Workshop Practices1022
Object Oriented Programming Lab0021
Engineering Graphics1022
Physics Lab0021
TOTAL   21

Semester 2

Living Conversation2002
EVS 1(Living Lab)2002
Engineering Mathematics II3104
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering3003
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engg. Lab0021
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering2002
Engineering Mechanics3003
TOTAL   20

Semester 3

Design Thinking3003
Material Science3003
Engineering Thermodynamics3003
Fluid Mechanics3104
Computational Methods3003
Computational Methods Lab0021
Fluid Mechanics Lab0021
CAD Applications Lab0021
Social Internship0000
TOTAL   19

Semester 4

Working with Data2002
Exploratory 23003
Applied Thermodynamics3003
Heat Transfer3104
Mechanics of Materials3003
Manufacturing Processes3003
Material Science and Material Testing Lab0021
Heat Transfer Lab0021
Fluid Machinery3003
TOTAL   23

Semester 5

Leadership and Teamwork2002
Technologies for The Future2  2
Exploratory 33003
Theory of Machines3104
Machine Design3104
Advanced Manufacturing 
Theory of Machines Lab0021
Manufacturing Technology Lab0021
TOTAL   22

Semester 6

Start Your Start-up2002
Exploratory 43003
Mechanical Measurement 
and Metrology
Internal Combustion Engines 
and Hybridization
Engines Lab0021
Industrial Visit0000
TOTAL   19

Semester 7

Industrial Engineering and Management3003
Exploratory 53003
Mechanical Vibrations3003
Industrial Internship0011
Refrigeration & Air-conditioning3003
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Lab0021
Measurement and Metrology Lab0021
Project 10002
TOTAL   23

Semester 8

Exploratory 63003
Operations Research3003
Project 20004
Automobile Engineering2002
TOTAL   18


Interested students must fulfil the specified minimum eligibility requirements for the B. Tech. program in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics): Minimum 50% marks in Classes X and XII with 50% in PCM (Physics/Chemistry and Mathematics) in Class XII.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for students who wish to pursue B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) at UPES depend on the individual's performance in UPESEAT / JEE / Board Merit / SAT / CUET.

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