BBA (Oil and Gas Marketing) Petroleum Business

BBA Oil And Gas Marketing - Petroleum Business

Program details

The BBA in Oil and Gas Management (Petroleum Business) program at UPES School of Business is a flagship course offered by the Energy Department. This specialized program combines a solid foundation in General Management with a focused emphasis on Oil and Gas Management. The curriculum is designed to produce managers uniquely equipped with comprehensive industry knowledge. Students delve into domain-specific subjects such as Understanding of Natural Gas Business, Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Business, Refinery Management, Financial Management, Marketing Research, and more. These subjects are taught by experienced instructors from around the world, ensuring a high-quality education.

What sets UPES apart is its commitment to holistic development, linking academics with extracurricular activities. Students in the Oil and Gas program have the opportunity to become members of the student chapter affiliated with the Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry. This student-led initiative, guided by faculty advisors, facilitates industry connections and practical application of managerial skills. As India moves towards becoming a "Gas Based Economy," the program aligns with industry trends, offering job opportunities in City Gas Distribution, CNG as Automotive Fuel, Pipeline Integration, and more. In response to the evolving landscape, the curriculum addresses digitalization trends in the industry, equipping students with IT skills like SAP and SCADA.

Despite global challenges, UPES maintains a "Learning never stops" ethos, providing Oil and Gas students with enhanced opportunities through international exposure and industrial experience. The program adapts to industry changes, fostering resilience and agility in students. The emphasis on analytical thinking and industry-specific knowledge boosts students' confidence, making them adept managers. The Petroleum Business specialization within the program focuses on the retail marketing of petroleum products, offering insights into consumer behaviors, product brands, and leadership opportunities through industrial assignments. Overall, the BBA in Oil and Gas Management (Petroleum Business) program at UPES is designed to produce enthusiastic and well-prepared professionals for the dynamic Oil and Gas industry.

Program Highlights

•    The BBA in Oil & Gas Management (Petroleum Business) program at UPES School of Business emphasizes hands-on learning through major projects, summer internships, and live projects with industry companies, ensuring students gain practical experience in the field.
•    Designed to offer flexibility, the program allows students to choose between joining operations and consulting in the Oil & Gas sector or pursuing higher education, providing a strong foundation for diverse career paths.
•    The curriculum encourages students to engage in research projects, seminars, conferences, and internships, fostering a culture of continuous learning and industry networking.
•    Students benefit from exposure to real-world case studies, industry visits, and guest lectures by industry experts, enhancing their understanding of the dynamic Oil & Gas business landscape.
•    The management school at UPES boasts modern smart classrooms, a well-equipped Analytics Lab, an extensive library, and advanced analytical tools, providing students with a conducive learning environment.
•    The BBA in Oil & Gas Management (Petroleum Business) program offers opportunities for global exposure through student exchange, study abroad, and semester exchange programs with leading global partner management institutes affiliated with UPES, enabling students to broaden their perspectives and experiences.

The BBA in Oil & Gas Management (Petroleum Business) program equips students for mid and senior management positions in various facets of the Oil & Gas industry, both domestically and internationally. Addressing the industry's significant shortage of skilled professionals, the program emphasizes hands-on learning, offering practical experience through internships and on-the-job training. This not only enables students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios but also enhances their competitiveness in the job market. The curriculum delves into the intricacies of the industry, covering Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream sectors, along with addressing emerging trends in the energy sector. Students also gain exposure to relevant software and technology such as Advanced Excel and Power-BI, providing them with a distinct advantage in the job market and bolstering their employability. The program's comprehensive approach ensures that graduates are well-prepared to take on roles in consulting, financing, business development, research, and analysis within the dynamic and demanding Oil & Gas business landscape.

Career Opportunities

The BBA in Oil & Gas Management (Petroleum Business) program offered by UPES School of Business provides an array of promising career opportunities. Graduates of this program have the chance to embark on dynamic career paths within the energy sector. These opportunities include roles such as Oil & Gas regulatory and financial consultant, Energy Analyst/SME in IT and consultancy industry, ESG specialist, CGD Business Development Manager, and positions in Oil & Gas transportation, distribution, business development, marketing, design, and planning. The program emphasizes practical exposure through summer internships, live projects, and placements, allowing students to build a strong foundation for success in the corporate landscape.


In recent years, the placement landscape for graduates of the BBA in Oil & Gas Management (Petroleum Business) program at UPES has witnessed a notable upswing. Esteemed companies such as Ernst and Young, PWC, Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, APAR, SHELL, THINK GAS, IRM, GREEN GAS, HNGPL, GSPC, GSPL, Value Creed, and various others actively seek to recruit these students, providing them with enticing employment prospects. Furthermore, a burgeoning number of mid-sized start-ups are expressing a keen interest in hiring BBA in Oil & Gas Management postgraduates. Typically, fresh graduates from this program can expect a starting salary ranging between INR 3-9 lakh per annum, contingent upon their individual skills, knowledge, and exposure to the industry.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Principles and Practices 
of Management
Micro Economics3003
Business Mathematics3003
Business Accounting3003
Business Communication 2023
Organizational Behavior3003
Energy Sector Structure 
& Functioning
Business Environment2002
Living Conversations2002
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change (Theory)
TOTAL   26

Semester 2

Macro Economics3003
Business Statistics3003
Financial Management3003
Marketing Management3003
Technologies of the Future 2002
Human Resource Management3003
Oil/Gas Sales & Distribution2002
Oil / Gas Storage & 
 Community Engagement and 
Social Responsibility
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change (Living Lab)
Understanding Oil & Gas 
TOTAL   30

Semester 3

Petroleum Retail Management
& Development
Energy Sector Market Research3003
Research Methodology & 
Report Writing
Consumer Behavior & 
Market Research
Minor/Exploratory I3003
Business Ethics and CSR2002
Working with Data2002
Meta 1011001
Global context of Business1001
TOTAL   21

Semester 4

Lubricant Marketing1003
Gas Fundamentals & Marketing 1003
Specialization Paper I 
(Chose one from City Gas 
Distribution Business; Petronomics)
Industrial Visit0001
Minor/Exploratory II3003
Minor/Exploratory III3003
Business Analytics3003
Design Thinking2002
Environmental, Social and 
TOTAL   24


Students who are interested must satisfy the designated minimum eligibility requirements for the BBA in Oil & Gas Management (Petroleum Business): Minimum 50% marks in Classes X and XII.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for individuals interested in enrolling in the BBA program in Oil & Gas Management (Petroleum Business) at UPES are determined by evaluating the individual's performance in Entrance Exam (UPESMET-UG) / UGAT / CUET.

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