Procedure at Main Gate, Rear Gate & Hostels

  • There will be thermal screening at the entrance while maintaining social distancing. Anyone with suspected symptoms will be denied entry
  • Security guards will wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • There will be sanitization of entrants as well as vehicles
  • Entry will be allowed only with masks
  • Self-declaration form must be filled online, at least one day prior to attending the campus
  • There will be restricted entry of visitors
  • Multiple entry and exit points to avoid congestions

Medical and Health Facilities

  • Minimum contact with patients with the introduction of telemedicine and online specialist consultation
  • As part of campus services, we have tie-ups with diagnostics and path labs such as Dr. Lal PathLabs Limited and Max
  • Sanitization of infirmaries and ambulances
  • Any suspected cases to be send home/hospitals/clinic as per the protocol
  • A set-up of isolation ward in both campuses' hostels
  • List of all employees above 60 years & with medical conditions will be prepared
  • Availability of PPE kits for doctors & medical staff
  • Daily medical check-up of the medical staff
  • Restricted visits to the infirmary
  • Provision of medicine on demand
  • Clear process on dealing with all COVID cases (day scholars & hostelers)
  • Psychologist consultation will be provided for supporting the emotional well-being under the UPES Care 24x7 service

Employee Protocols

  • Every employee is directed to sign the required COVID self-declaration online prior to resuming work
  • Employees will work from their desk and avoid going to other’s desks as far as possible
  • Discussions/interactions to be held through intercom/desk telephone/ VC/conference calls/ other modes to ensure social distancing
  • Meetings to continue through virtual modes wherever the attendees are more than 4-5 in number
  • All employees will strictly maintain social distancing of at least 2 meters during duty hours
  • Markings in the queues/ office seating areas to ensure safe social distancing
  • Entry of visitors to be restricted
  • Physical joining of new recruits to be avoided for at least 15 days from resumption and e-joining/e-onboarding to be implemented
  • Avoidance of hard copy wherever possible. Soft copy correspondences/approvals are to be encouraged

Mess/Cafeteria Protocols

  • Meals in shifts
  • Reconfigured seating to maintain social distancing
  • Increase in number of serving points
  • Increased ventilation at all places
  • Allowance of breakfast and dinner in faculty lounges
  • Cleaning of raw materials (vegetables, fruits, milk packets etc.) as per medical advice
  • Proper storage of rations and strict implementation of 3 days no use protocol
  • PPE kits for cooks & food handlers
  • No outside food permitted