Akshara Nair

Design of Folding Bed for Capsule Hotels

Akshara Nair, a student pursuing the degree of B.Des. with the specialisation in Interior & Retail Space Design from the batch of 2018-22 completed the project of conceptualising a design of Folding Bed for Capsule Hotels.

Introducing a capsule hotel, inspired by its Japanese origins, and referred to as a pod hotel. The concept features compact capsules, akin to single-sized beds, offering sufficient height for comfortable sitting. In line with this concept, a specially designed folding bed has been created to complement these unique accommodations.

Traditional capsule hotels often have limitations in terms of guest comfort, making it difficult for individuals to stand, change clothes, or store luggage within their own pod. To alleviate these concerns, the capsule's height can be extended, and a foldable bed can replace the fixed alternative. This enhancement offers customers the necessary space to stand, change attire, and efficiently store belongings beneath the bed. The innovative design permits easy unfolding for resting and quick folding for standing, catering to diverse needs, and enhancing guest experiences within the capsule.


Rajan Iyer

Rajan Iyer