Alok Singh

RoboBin – A Smart Dustbin

Alok Singh, a student pursuing the degree of M.Tech. in Automation and Robotics Engineering from the batch of 2021-23 conducted the project on the development of RoboBin – A Smart Dustbin.

This project features a smart dustbin with navigation feature like a line-following robot and a sensor on top of it to detect the user accessing it to dispose of garbage. Also,

  • The robot senses and opens the lid for application duration and closes automatically.
  • When the bin is full, it can move with its wheels following a predefined path and dispose of the litter in bigger bins at a separate location.
  • The robot acts as a line follower for a predefined path when activated.
  • The lid remains closed automatically with servo motor control if there is no use to keep the surroundings clean and safe.