Arunima Vashisht

Work from Home Space POD

Arunima Vashisht, a student pursuing the degree of B.Des. with the specialisation in Interior & Retail Space Design from the batch of 2018-22 completed the project of designing a Work from Home Space POD. 

Addressing the needs of remote workers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities, a comprehensive space was crafted to fulfil work, personal, and wellness requirements. Targeting individuals from teenagers to middle-aged professionals who value distinctive, aspirational products, this project repurposes office pods for post-Covid safety while accommodating evolving workplace trends.

In the wake of the pandemic, the dynamics of remote work have prompted novel challenges for companies. Studies highlight that remote work prospects are concentrated within specific sectors. The transition to working from home has unearthed concerns related to privacy, interruptions, and focus, underscoring the necessity for dedicated personal space. Driven by this need, my Graduation Project materialized—an innovative Work from Home Pod solution


Rajan Iyer

Rajan Iyer