Jeevan Rajkumar

Visionary Concept Vehicle

Jeevan Rajkumar, a student pursuing the degree of B.Des. with the specialisation in Transportation & Mobility Design from the batch of 2019-23 completed the project of designing a Visionary Concept Vehicle. 

Work-life balance is a key part of a healthy and productive work environment. Emphasizing the significance of work-life balance, this project reimagines travel and work through a visionary vehicle. It aims to seamlessly merge efficient commuting with a harmonious and productive workspace interior.

The endeavour confines designing a functional in-car workstation to enhance productivity during travel. Factors like ergonomic design, equipment integration, safety measures, connectivity, power supply, durability, user experience, and adaptability to diverse vehicle types are meticulously considered to ensure a convenient and efficient workspace experience while on the move.


Kishor Tikale

Kishor Tikale

Senior Associate Professor