Kirtika Puniani, Saumya Purohit, Shrestha Jaiswal & Deepak Varshney


Kirtika Puniani, Saumya Purohit, Shrestha Jaiswal & Deepak Varshney, a group of students pursuing the degree of B.Tech. CSE with the specialization in Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology completed the project of developing CataComb, a Cloud-based Private safe solution for securing our sensitive data.

With the advent of modern-day technology and easily available smart systems used to access them, it’s a known fact that almost everything that we have on our devices is it our smartphones or personal desktop once someone has access, can be easily retrieved. Our sensitive essential data which we want to keep hidden from people like a personal locked vault is much needed. For the same purpose, a Cloud-Huffman-based private safe is being developed that can easily tackle this problem. The user can easily store their data of any type on the website which can only be retrieved by the user. The data stored will be efficiently encrypted to avoid any security breaches. 

Nowadays, it's seen that data is deemed very valuable and thus everyone tries to move towards more secure and better platforms each day. The data people store in a secure vault can be of any type be it photos; documents; music files; passwords and much more. Many companies in the world have come up with numerous solutions like creating app locks and other authenticators which protect our data as well as accessibility to our apps using fingerprints; face locks and passwords etc. this protection of user data is a new modern concept, and it is a significant advancement in the technical field of today. Using these leading technologies such as app locks via the cloud user can easily access data from anywhere and everywhere he wants. Thus, making the life of the user easier and more comfortable. As the user's data and information go directly and securely to the app or website, the number of data breaches declines with time, making the stored data more and more secure. Furthermore, thanks to this technology, large corporations are now able to keep consumer data more securely and provide them with the utmost peace of mind. Because of these scientific technology advancements, users can compare and analyze how encryption and decryption function and how their data might be protected using various criteria every day. Catacomb is one such way to do things. 

Many apps and sites are now also providing the user with various authentication methods and other various methods for better security. 

The team has decided to use the best of both worlds that will use a cloud front for double authentication and inside the data will have one more layer of security implemented with the help of data structures and algorithms, notably Huffman coding. The data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.