Naval Kishore Sharma

Co-pyrolysis of plastic waste and biomass for hydrocarbon fuels

Naval Kishore Sharma, a student pursuing the 3rd year with degree of Integrated B.Sc. - M.Sc. in Chemistry B.Tech. completed the project on co-pyrolysis of plastic waste and biomass for hydrocarbon fuels.

This project is about hydrocarbon fuel production from the co-pyrolysis of plastic waste and biomass. This project supports Swachh Bharat Adhyayan. The amount of plastics disposed of from modern lifestyles has increased sharply in recent years. Solid biomass is an abundant energy resource that exists worldwide. Transformation of these waste plastics and solid biomass feedstock mixtures via co-pyrolysis can enhance fuels and value-added products synergistically. The produced products can be used as chemicals and pollutant sorbents to foster eco-friendly pathways for waste management and sustainability.


Dr. Amit Kumar

Dr. Amit Kumar

Assistant Professor